I love playing games as I am just a big kid at heart so I was trying to find the best price for a Bakugan Battle Pack. I shall talk more about this shortly but first want to mention why I wanted this product as opposed to the Bakugan Starter Pack. To begin with I though that the starter pack would be the one to go for. The starter pack provides the balls and cards needed for one player to get started playing the Bakugan Brawlers game. However as none of my friends actually play this game I realized that I would have to buy enough Bakugan balls and cards for two players. This is what the Bakugan Battle Pack provides. It contains 6 Bakugan warriors. These are the balls that change into warriors during the game, more on this shortly. The Battle Pack also has 6 gate cards and 6 ability cards. Finally it contains a set of instructions on how to play the game. The rules are really easy. The game is aimed at kids from seven years old and upwards. Two reasons for this are that the small Bakugan balls could be a choking hazard for really young children. Also to play the game being able to do mental arithmetic or sums with a pencil and paper are required. Therefore being at least of elementary school age is a good idea. I of course am well past that. Mind you, I do work at an elementary school.
Bakugan Battle Pack (18581)
The game is played with a minimum of two players and can accommodate up to four. Each player must have 3 Bakugan balls, 3 Bakugan gate cards and 3 Bakugan ability cards. These are used to battle your opponent. The object of the game is to win 3 gate cards. The first player to do so wins the game. This is a game played for fun and is not designed to win and keep your opponents possessions. At the end of the game, everything is returned to its original owner. The cool thing about this game is that the small marble like Bakugan balls spring open when they land on a Bakugan gate card. This is because the gate cards are metal and the Bakugan warriors are magnetic.

The Bakugan Battle Pack is perfect if you have two children as it allows them to play together. Also it would be a good toy to buy if you want to play the game with your child. Finally if you son or daughter has friends who play the game the Battle Pack will allow them to pick and choose what cards and warriors to fight with. I wanted to find the best price for a Bakugan Battle Pack myself and not particularly originally I went with Amazon.