Finding the perfect wedding gown is every young girls dream. When we grow into adulthood, we realize that certain styles look best on us and others don't. As adults, we know are bodies and should know what style is practical for us. If we can truly and honestly identify the type of body we have, we can search and find that perfect wedding gown that fits us like a glove.

If your body falls into the Pear Shaped category you should stick to gowns that have full shirts, like the ball gown or A-Line dress. You should be aware that Sheath dresses and the Trumpet/Mermaid/Fit and Flare styles will not be flattering on your type of body.

If you find that your body is Plus Sized then you would look best in, again, the ball gown or A-Line dress. These dresses will cover what you do not want to show, and give you that elegant look on your wedding day. Plus sized women should stay away from fitted gowns and dresses that show unwanted curves.

For the hour glass shape woman, you could wear anything from A-Line and Ball Gown dresses to the fitted Mermaid style gowns. All of these dresses are classic looks, and will make your dream wedding come true. I would recommend not choosing a dress that does not show off your figure and curves. You can always go with the Empire style dress, but it will not be as flattering as the above mentioned.

For women that are boy shaped, I would recommend sticking to dresses that can create curves. The mermaid gown is a great choice, and will emphasize the hip area giving you more curves. Also A-Line and Ball Gowns are great choices. Since they have large shirts, it creates curves that you do not have. All three types of gowns also boast tight tops. They create waistlines and can give you somewhat of an hourglass figure. The boy figured woman should stay away from sheaths. This type of dress will do nothing for your figure and not high light your body like it needs to be on your wedding day.

Next up is the petite body. Petite girls do have do's and don'ts of what they should wear just like every other body type. Petite girls look great in A-Line gowns. You probably want to stay away from ball gowns though. They can be a little overwhelming on petite girls, and you may get lost in the dress.

You should stay away from the mermaid style gown as well. It typically looks better on taller and shapelier women. Don't choose any gowns that can make your torso longer, because in turn it will only make your legs look shorter.

If you are a tall woman, you have quite a few styles to choose from. Ball gowns look magnificent on taller women. Tall women are able to show off the dress in its entirety without the dress looking bunched up. Since the Ball gown looks good on tall women, so does A-line silhouettes. Make sure if you are choosing this gown it has a defined waist. You want to split your body up just slightly. The Mermaid/Trumpet gowns fit great on tall women. This is another gown that can really be shown off properly with this type of body. For tall women I would recommend staying away from gowns that do not define your body. I would say stay away from empire gowns. It will only make you look taller and lanky.

Now that you know what type of gowns will fit your body, go out there and find your perfect wedding dress. Most of all enjoy yourself and enjoy your day of shopping. It should not stress you out, and if it does take a break and come back to it on another day. Shop online before you go out looking. It can show you what is out there and alleviate a lot of stress. Happy Shopping!