Downtown hope

This little town will take you back to Alaska's early days.  There are no hotels, no fast food joints.  Simple log housing and rustic buildings line the main road that's not more than a couple blocks long.  Hope is nestled between the mighty Chugach Mountins and the churning gray water of the Turnigan Arm.   There is no highway noise, just the hushed rapids of Resurrection Creek.  With names like Hope and Resurrection, it is pretty safe to say that this place can be quite spiritual.

Although it is small, there is still plenty to do.

10 Things To Do Near Hope, Alaska

  1. Pink SalmonFish Resurrection Creek.  By mid to late July, and well into August, the creek churns with Pink Salmon.  These may not be the coveted kings, cohos, or sockeyes that lure fishermen from across the globe, but the river teams with them.  In fact, when the salmon are running, it's almost impossible NOT to catch a fish.  Make sure you buy a liscense, and get the appropriate gear.  Keep your eyes open for bears.
  2. Bike Turnagin Arm.  The road out of Anchorage takes you past mountain goats and skirts you along the shoreline of Turnagian Arm.  Looking across the bay, you can actually spot the tiny white house of Hope.  The thrteen mile bike trail starts and Indian Creek and goes to Girdwood.  It's not far from Girdwood to Hope. You can bike along the entire Seward Coastal highway, but the wind and traffic can make it dangerous.
  3. Chugach MountainsHike Resurrection Trail.  This is can be as adventurous as you want to make it.  The trail goes for 40 miles through Resurrection Pass to Cooper's landing.  It's actually bikeable (with mountain bikes) as well. There is a state run cabin at the summit for camping options.  Definitely not for the beginner, but advanced hikers will love it.  Be sure to look for blueberries in late summer.
  4. Watch the Bore Tide.  It's pretty incredible to see a 3 foot high wave of water make its way across the bay.  It is one of the top tides in the world, and people have actually surfed it! Alaska's extreme tides make this possible.  Check out a local tidal time table to try to catch it.
  5. Look for Belugas.  When driving the Seward highway, keep your eyes peeled for the signature spouting mists and the long white shapes of surfacing Beluga whales.  They usually follow the salmon runs of late summer.
  6. Camp.  As I mentioned before, you won't find any hotels here.  There are a few cabins and B&B's, but the best experience is to stay at a campground, cook some freshly caught salmon over an open fire, and enjoy the serenity.
  7. Comb the beach.  The ferocious tides can bring some exciting deposits. A driftwood treadure, clam shell, or well posihed trasure of the ocean can make great decor.
  8. Pan for gold.  Hope started off as a gold miner's town.  Just up the road are some public areas for recreational panning.
  9. Eat at the Seaview Bar and Cafe.  Enjoy yummy food, especially breakfast, and a coffee at the hundred year old restaurant.
  10. mooseLook for wildlife.  You will find many of Alaska's favorite creatures here.  Bears will fish at the creek.  Moose meander through the woods. Sheep feed high in the rocky cliffs.  Eagles swoop overhead.  Salmon swim in the stream. Belugas breach in the bay.

Hope and the bike trail start and end points

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