Waking up to discover that your boiler has decided to stop working in the middle of winter is never a good thing. Calling an emergency plumber is often really expensive, and this is specially true if it happens during the holiday period. So can you get a cheap plumber to get your boiled fixed in a hurry?

Ask Friends and Family

The first thing to do if you need a plumber is asking your family and friends (and even your neighbours) if they know somebody reliable. If you are renting your flat call your landlord, since the boiler will most probably need to be repaired by him and he'll probably know of a good emergency cheap plumber since failing appliances are a regular problem.

Check Your Local Newspaper

If nobody you know can recommend a cheap plumber, the next step to find one is checking your local newspaper. Why? It's a cheap way of advertising, so you won't be paying a plumber who has to spend a lot of money to get clients. What you are looking for is a plumber that is as local to you as possible so it costs less. A plumber that needs to drive for an hour to get to you is going to charge accordingly. You can also check the Yellow Pages and even Google, but expect the top positions to be taken not by the best plumbers but by those who have the bigger pockets. Most plumbing services contractors cannot compete with big plumbing companies in terms of SEO by lack of resources, even if they offer a high quality service.

Use A Comparison Website

Over the past few years there has been a surge in comparison websites, specialising on listing and comparing the prices of service providers for particular areas. Those websites make money when you actually contact a particular tradesman, so generally speaking they are quite unbiased and have lots of reviews. Beware of any website that has glowing reviews for just one plumber, and dreadful for anybody else. It's also worth ignoring plumbing service providers who have lots of great reviews that don't go into any sort of detail about the job done.

If Nothing Worked To Find A Cheap Plumber...

You can also call the customer service of your branded boiler, and ask them if they can recommend a plumber in the area. However, while this will no doubt find you somebody who is familiar with your particular boiler and can fix things in a hurry, it's not really going to be a cheap plumber.