Find God first

When young Christian men set out to find themselves a Christian girlfriend there are numerous things that should be taken into consideration before diving head first into dating and relationships. It's not just as simple as saying "I'm ready to date, let me go find someone now". Being ready isn't something as easy as wanting a girl and taking her out, but you have to have a lot of things sorted out before setting foot into that kind of terrain.

Your relationship with God

I heard a great saying that says "A woman's heart should be so lost in God that a man needs to seek him in order to find her". This quote is wonderful and really brings along the point that we as Christian men neeRelationship with GodCredit: http://www.morguefile.comd to seek out God and our relationship with Him first before we will ever find that girl we want. Our relationship with God needs to be solid and built on a firm foundation. A girl's heart can easily be broken, crushed, pulled in, and toyed with because girls rely more on emotions and things we can't see than physical things like most men perceive. Because of this we have to approach dating and courtship extremely carefully because a girl can easily get hurt. That first step is easily solved with a strong foundational relationship with God. Knowing who we are in Christ first and working on ourselves will prepare us better so when God does bring that special Christian girl into our lives we are spiritually, emotionally, and physically ready to step up to the plate and lead.

Prepared to date and court

Before we set foot into the dating realm we need to make sure that we are prepared to handle a relationship. Many times we experience hurt in relationships and breakups because one or both parties were ill prepared to take on that endeavor. This includes things like finances, maturity, commitments, and our schedule. If you are heavily in debt, working 2 jobs and just want to relax when you get home because you are exhausted then you do not want to bring a girl into that situation and potentially hurt her. It's better for you to wait and take care of your life first so when God does bring that special girl into your life you are ready to make her feel special and not the next thing you have to take care of. It's important to have these things hashed out well before entering that state of our lives.

Initiate and pursue

So you have your life sorted out, at least for the most part! You know you are ready to treat a special Christian girl well and have a blast. So what's the next step to finding her? This is where it gets interesting because men have an inherit desire to pursue and "go on the hChristian WomanCredit: http://www.morguefile.comunt" per say. I agree with this notion that I like a challenge and to find that right girl is a task worth fighting for. But we have to understand that this idea that we are to initiate and pursue means we are putting all of our cards on the table and risking our own emotions. It's that dreaded word of rejection that paralyzes most Christian men and leads many to approach things in a more passive "I'll wait for God to bring her to my doorstep" line of thinking. If you are in fear or worry about rejection, you are going to have to get over it because girls don't want to pursue but be pursued. This means that we guys have to get over our fears of rejection and get out there and ask. Even if you received that horrible word of NO, most girls will at least appreciate your active approach and be honored that you tried.

Where to look for her?

The best way to find a Christian girl is in an environment that is welcoming for Christians to gather. This means church, young adult and college age groups, Christian concerts, and fun gatherings. Places that are more geared towards socializing are key. We'll never meet that special girl and get ready to initiate a conversation with her if everywhere we go there are rules and activities set out in stone. This means if you just go to church on Sunday minutes before the service starts and leave after it ends, there's no room for conversation and the chances of meeting that special Christian girl are reduced to almost nothing. Step up to the plate men and get out there and talk to the ladies in your groups and activities. Many of them aren't as scary as society makes them out to be, girls aren't laughing at you when you try. In fact the opposite is true where they like seeing men initiate because it shows confidence and a willingness to try and put their emotions on the line.

Go with God

While this all may seem like a lot to take in, it's very important to be prepared for all of these things before walking into a relationship with a potential Christian girlfriend and not knowing what to do. Don't walk into something with a huge mess behind the scenes as this will only hurt your chances of seeing a relationship sprout up. Instead take your time to get your life ready and then stanChristian GirlCredit: http://www.morguefile.comd on God's Word and know that He will bring these things to pass. It's not hard, but it certainly is scary. It's scary to let everything out in the open and there is potential for hurt and rejection, but don't think that your efforts go unnoticed. God see's your faith and effort and will reward you with a great relationship with a Christian girlfriend, but trust in yourself and be confident of who you are in Christ and that will give you the confidence you need. When you know that God loves you, it doesn't matter what others think and you can step out knowing that God has you in the palm of His hand. I'm not too keen on this aspect of women, but I've read that women are able to pick up signs and feelings much easier than men can interpret so if you walk out with confidence women can sense that and is attractive to them. At least from what I read, so don't come after me if I'm wrong. As a final thought, just trust in God and keep Him first place in your life and then you will find that right girl in the right time, right place, at the right moment.