You want to buy a great engagement ring for your fiancée, but unfortunately you need to stick to a pretty tight budget. Well, this happens to a lot of men. Don’t despair! There is a solution for you. Shop around a little to find a discount engagement ring. This way, you’ll be able to offer her the engagement ring she’s always dreamed about, without spending more than you can afford. If you search for a discount engagement ring, there are a few things you need to be careful about. First of all, you can find the best deals for a discount engagement ring in online stores. You have to check if it’s a certified, reliable dealer before actually purchasing the ring. The quality of the diamond is very important and it’s the most important factor that influences the price of the ring.

 How To Find A Great Discount Engagement Ring

There are literally thousands of online jewelry stores. And each of them has probably hundreds of different ring models, so finding the perfect ring is just a matter of perseverance and patience from you. The first step, in your quest, would be to decide on the amount of money can afford to spend on the ring. Once you know your budget, you can start looking for a discount engagement ring in that price range. A good place to find great deals are wholesale jewelry online stores. Not only they have a huge variety of products, but also they have amazing prices. You should start searching for your discount engagement ring in advance, because it will probably take a while before you will find the perfect one. Also, you have, this way, the possibility to take advantage of the special offers. Most online jewelry stores have periods when they reduce the prices even more, so try to buy your ring when the prices are really down.

 Things To Consider When You Buy A Discount Engagement Ring

The quality of the diamond has the biggest influence on the price of the ring. Specialists refer to the four C’s, when it comes to the quality of a diamond: cut, clarity, color and carat weight. Cut is very important for the brilliance or the diamond and ideally the cut of the diamond should allow to all the light that is absorbed by the stone to be reflected back. There are grading methods implemented to classify the cut of a diamond: ideal, premium, very good, good, fair & poor. The degrees of clarity of a diamond vary form F (flawless), the most expensive diamonds, to Included 3 (diamonds that have blemishes and intrusions visible to the naked eye), with more intermediary degrees in between. The carat is the unit of weight used for diamonds, so more carats mean a bigger diamond. As for color, you should know that colorless diamonds are the most desirable and expensive, since they allow the perfect refraction of light. But there are also other diamond colors, varying from pink to black. The fifth C, very important for diamonds, is the certificate. The certificate contains all the essential information about the diamond, grading for all the characteristics, being the tool that help you to understand the value and the quality of the diamond. This certificate doesn’t put a money value on the diamond, a different document, called the appraisal, does the job. However, when you are shopping for a discount engagement ring, you need to ask to the dealers both the certificate and the appraisal. It’s the only way to make sure you buy a good-quality item.

 How To Select The Dealer For Your Discount Engagement Ring

If you decide to buy a discount engagement ring from an online store, there are some basic precautions you need to take before actually purchasing an item. Check if the dealer is reliable and trustworthy. Customers’ reviews are a good information resource about online discount stores. Then, you have to ask if the vendor offers you a certificate for the diamond you are going to buy. Without the certificate from a grading lab, the only warranty that you are buying a good-quality diamond (or a real diamond, for that matter) is the seller’s word. Also, with the help of the certificates, you can truly compare the qualities of the diamonds you consider buying.