Getting a digital camera has become so commonplace that you almost look at people funny when they reach for a new roll of film when taking photos. In fact, one of the few people that I know still uses a film-based camera is my grandma and she's over 90 years old. However, that doesn't mean that I still can't get her up to speed with the digital revolution. I mean, she did get a pretty sweet cell phone, although she doesn't really know how to use it yet.

Anyways, as I was saying, getting a digital camera has basically become a necessity, but how we go about getting out great shots off of our digital cameras and into the hands of the people we know and love is something that we have some choice on. The world of digital camera printers has grown significantly right along with the digital cameras and buying one that best fits your printing needs is key to having a great all around experience with your digital camera. I mean, lets face it, with all of the technology that we have available to us today, it's still nice to hold a great picture in your hands.

Digital Printer Options Available
There are a few main types of digital camera printers that you can plan on checking out once you're ready to go shopping for one. Those types of printers are as follows:

  1. All-In-One Printer - A printer that can not only print your photos, but can also scan, copy and fax as well. These types of printers are great for the home office or the multi-tasker that's inside everyone. One of the other great things about the All-In-One printer is that it can really save you some desk space as the small footprint of these types of printers can quickly replace all of the other space that a scanner, fax machine, printer and copier would take up. We can always use to save some space, right?

  2. Standard Photo Printer - With the popularity of the digital camera there is really no printer that doesn't have photo-quality capability built-in, which means that the standard printer that you would normally get with your computer can now printer great looking photos. However, sometimes this requires you to buy additional photo ink that you need to use whenever printing photos.

  3. Photo Only (Stand Alone) Printers - This type of photo printer is built specifically for printing only photos, which means that it is much more limited when it comes to doing other things such as scanning, but it makes up for it with some serious space savings and photo printing quality. These printers can also be used without connecting them to a computer, which makes them a quick and easy solution to getting your photos printed.

  4. Laser Photo Printers - As time goes on laser printers are becoming more and more affordable as their photo quality ability continues to get better and better. Laser printers are quick, quiet and efficient if used in a small office situation, which makes them a very good investment in the long run.
A Non-Printer Option
Of course, there are still ways to get your photos printed effectively without doing it yourself. As more people are moving away from film more and more drugstores and retail stores (like Wal-Mart) have began to support the printing of digital photos. This is another great way to print out the photos from your digital camera without having to invest in a new piece of equipment.