Official Mascots for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics

Finding accommodation for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics might be one of the most challenging events at the Olympic Games. People began to make their hotel reservations for the 2010 Games shortly after Vancouver was announced as the successful host city of the Olympic Games. That was a good seven or eight years ago. It's fair to say the best and most reasonably priced accommodations have been picked over. However, there are still decent opportunities available if you are willing to do a comprehensive search and compromise.

The first thing to consider is what Olympic events you are planning on attending. Like most previous Olympic Games, the 2010 Vancouver Games will be held a multiple venues outside of the city of Vancouver. Downhill skiing events will be held in Whistler, British Columbia. Other events will be held in Richmond, BC and West Vancouver. Although all of the venues can be reached by car within a few hours, it is best to stay closer to the events you will end up watching.

The easiest and most obvious option for accommodation at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics is to book a hotel room or a motel room. There are still rooms available but the cost is pretty darn high. A recent (early January 2010) internet search done though a popular travel website indicated that there were still at least 130-140 hotel options in the Vancouver area. The price tag was a bit shocking, however. For some very, very standard rooms the price tag was $550 per night. this type of room would not likely be much more than $100 per night outside of the Olympic window. There were other much more expensive rooms available in the $800-$900 per night range. For those of whom money is no object, there are even more expensive rooms.

For a cheaper room, you might want to consider staying outside of the lower mainland area. There are cheaper rooms to be had at approximately a 2-3 hour drive outside of the Olympic venues.

Another good idea for accommodation for the Vancouver Olympics is to rent a house. House rentals are a great idea for a family or a larger group traveling together. There are plenty of property management companies in Vancouver that have lists of furnished rental available. In addition, plenty of families are trying to capitalize on the hoards of people arriving in their city by taking the opportunity to rent their homes and using the rental income to fund a dream vacation. Check newspaper ads and electronic bulletin boards for these types of opportunities. Renting a house over taking a hotel room also provides you with the opportunity to cook some of your own meals.

The third most common type of accommodation for the Games is house sharing. Families living in the greater Vancouver area who may not want to leave the city might be prepared to rent a room in their homes. This type of situation is also a great way to meet new people. Often house sharing comes with some kitchen privledges but make sure you ask before hand. Taking a room in a house share should be less than $150 per night per couple.

If you are having troubles finding accommodation for the Vancouver Olympics do not be afraid to advertise yourself. Put a note on Craigslist or something like that and you never know what opportunities might present themselves. It is still possible to find accommodation for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.