If you are looking for administrative medical assistant jobs, you had better be prepared to do your homework before leaping into the job market. You want to be certain that you can fulfill every duty and expectation listed on the administrative medical assistant job description before you throw your hat in the ring.
Medical Assistant
To this end, what does an administrative medical assistant do, exactly? Well, if you ask most senior hospital staff, they will say that the primary responsibility of a medical job assistant is to keep the office, desks, work spaces, phone lines and filing systems organized and working as smoothly as possible. During medical emergencies, information is often the most crucial aspect of successful treatment. Files cannot be lost, misplaced, incorrectly referenced or inaccurate in any way. Health specialists need to be able to find the information, such as a patient's medical history or medications list, as quickly as humanly possible.
Medical Assistance
However, in a smaller medical office setting, an administrative assistant will perform a greater variety and breadth of tasks. While these types of assistants typically do not have much interaction with patients in the way of care giving, they do make, handle and record arrangements essential to proper patient care.

Such tasks may include filing for insurance, arranging, changing, tracking and updating patient appointments, handling laboratory testing orders and hospital admissions.

What is the good news for people looking for administrative medical assistant jobs? The industry's need for this position is set to expand rapidly within the next few years, making it one of the fastest growing positions in health care. While this means tremendous employment potential for candidates interested in working in health care, interested candidates must educate themselves on the job requirements. Many administrative assistants will complete 1 or 2 year training programs that will teach them the ins and out of filing and medical organizational systems, as well as overall health care knowledge, medical laws and proper practices.

Although some assistants may receive on-the-job training, this is less likely to occur. Interested parties should be willing and prepared to enroll in and satisfactorily complete associate degrees which cover everything from anatomy and basic care all the way through claims processing.

Being a medical assistant is a great career with very competitive pay and exciting, versatile work in fast-paced environments. The right person, with good attention to detail in addition to a caring attitude and strong motivation to learn, can do very well as a medical assistant.