Is an Airforce Job right for you?

The U.S. Airforce is the entity tasked with the defense of our nation's airspace and with the execution of combat operations in foreign theaters of war. As of today, airforce job openings range from dining room cooks, to IT and security specialists, to combat or airlift pilots, and even airforce chaplains and flight surgeons. If you have specialized skill sets within the information technology, medical, flight, or aeronautical engineering realms, you could very likely qualify for advanced airforce jobs.

Even if you do not currently have the skills that military job recruiters are looking for, the U.S. airforce still represents a solid opportunity for anyone willing and eager to undergo its comprehensive training program which is designed to prepare recruits for placement throughout the service ranks.

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How Does One Find Air Force Jobs?

If you are interested in learning more about getting a job with the airforce, you should first head over to the airforce's official website. There you can see some of the broader categories of career opportunities and learn more about the lifestyle of enlisted cadets, servicemen and servicewomen, and officers.

There are also likely to be airforce recruiters within your community that will offer you military jobs. You might find airforce recruiters either on local campuses or within their own local recruiting office.

If you are more interested in civilian positions within the air force, you can check out such listings here, at the military connection employment site.

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What Could I Do for an Airforce Career?

The role of the U.S. Air Force has expanded dramatically in the last decade. Contrary to popular belief, this organization does not solely handle flight-based operations and missions, but has recently branched out to accomodate new challenges and opportunities within the realms of space warfare, and information security and hacking operations within the newer theater of cyberwarfare. This is good news for jobseekers, since the Air Force is in need of talented, tech-savvy individuals with the capacity to learn new skills quickly and implement them creatively to solve complex and weighty security problems.

As the organization continues to change its shape in order to adapt to modern technological challenges, its demographics are beginning to shift and reflect this restructuring. The Air Force, perhaps more so than other wings of the military, offers appealing compensation packages for health individuals with college educations, especially those with degrees in hi-tech fields.

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What Will an Air Force Job Offer Me?

The benefits of an Air Force career are many and are tailored to allowing officers to focus on their duties, training and advancement without being distracted by the usual financial constraints and demands of civilian domestic life.

Officers receive a salary based on their pay grade, which is calculated in part by considering an officer's rank and degree of speciality upon time of joining, as well as the number of years served. Officers can expect raises as they ascend in rank and complete advanced training programs.

In addition to salary, Officers receive housing allowances and maintenance free housing on-base for themselves and their families. Most Air Force housing accommodations are designed to evoke classic Americana home designs and suburban architecture.

Officers also receive a flat monthly food allowance and can save additional money by shopping on-base in special tax free stores for air force personnel.

The Air Force offers one of the earliest retirement plans, in which officers are eligible to retire after only 20 years of continuous service.

Of further interest to those already with, or those wanting to start, families, the air force insurance plan offers very low-cost life insurance coverage of up to $400,000.

Officers also enjoy extremely low-cost air travel aboard military vehicles and aircraft during their vacations, which can be up to 30 days per year. Officers can also choose to lodge on local bases near their destination in order to avoid the costs of a hotel.