For most people who are looking to rent an apartment, the first place they go is through the Internet. Today, there are several methods that many online search and the best thing is that most of them are free.

Out of the many different sites, the most popular places like Craigslist. Alongside this are other places like and always helpful MyNewPlace.

There are also sites selling apartments that are actually mashup of Craigslist and Google as PadMapper, HousingMaps and MyApartmentMap. These sites pull apartment listings on Craigslist and other online sources and makes the search more interactive, as the ads are immediately on Google Maps and Google Streetview.

Besides all the free sites, there are specialist in apartment search sites that you can pay a fee to enter and search pulgLos benefits pay site is that you can find places that not everyone can, so it has more chances of success.

Some websites offer the option to subscribe to their feed so it can be updated when new rental properties available. Updates can also be sent to your phone, so you can always get in touch with new apartment options while on the go.

If you have a specific neighborhood in mind that you want to find an apartment, you should consider looking in the newspapers in those areas. Copies of newspapers can often be found online. Some landlords do not use the sites listed above, but you can only find in a newspaper.

While not specifically designed for site search, Google Maps is one of the best ways to search. The best thing is that not only can you find places, but also for exploring the area on your computer as well.

As mentioned, people use these online tools almost exclusively to hunting near their apartments. However, nothing better than seeing the place so one person must also go out to investigate one of the options above.