Most families, especially frugal moms and dads love finding baby freebies and samples. The truth is, baby clothes, toys, diapers and other infant accessories can be expensive. In fact, the average cost of diapers today can nearly $1000 dollars or more a year.

That's why finding deals on toddler clothes and other necessities can be a huge life saver.

 The first thing you'll want to do is friend all of the baby companies that you love on Facebook. In fact, do some internet research on your favorite diaper companies, toy manufacturers, bottle makers etc., and get connected with them through their social media.

Getting baby freebies, coupons and samples is often as easy as paying attention when you see the announcement on a social network page. Often times, new baby products have free promotional giveaways to establish some rapport with new customers. Remember free often comes at a price, so you'll often have to give up emails, addresses, and other relevant social network information in order to score cheap or free baby clothing, diapers and toys. But isn't it worth it in the long run.

 Absolutely Free Baby Stuff

 As written earlier, you CAN get absolutely free baby stuff. But NOTHING is REALLY free. You'll be asked to give up emails or other contact information that keeps that baby company in front of you and to encourage you to make new buying decisions for a new baby product, diaper or formula. Just think about those baby raffles that exploded on the scene back in the day. They typically were in place to stay connected to the consumer.

But it is worth it in the long run to provide contact information for free baby stuff, especially given the fact that one of the most expensive reoccurring baby purchase can be diapers and formula?

Well, most will say YES! You not only get the opportunity to save money, but you also get to try new baby products that you never even knew existed. Some might even be better than what you currently use, so keep an open mind. And of course only provide contact information to companies you know and trust.

Know that also the best way to score free baby stuff is to write to your favorite baby manufacturers.

That's right, most company websites now have easy ways for you to communicate. Let them know what you like and love about a product. Also relay to the baby manufacturer that you often spread the word around about how good they in fact are. And of course last but not least, ASK for absolutely free baby stuff.

Additionally, you can also pick up the phone and call your favorite baby company as well, if you prefer not to write them.

 Baby Formula Free Samples

 We all know that baby formula can be expensive too. Baby formula, like Enfamil, could run you nearly $2000 dollars or more a year. So again, knowing how to get baby formula samples for free can also help you save a lot of money in the long run.

 Remember that you can actually go to Enfamil's website and request to get on their mailing list. Also call the company directly to ask for baby freebies and samples. Many times just staying connected with the company through online and regular mail, can result in huge savings over the course of a year or more.

 Luckily finding baby freebies and samples is in fact rather easy and could result in thousands of dollars in savings throughout the year.