On the big island of Hawaii, shipping and receiving boxes safely and securely is essential to the business process. Local companies here spend thousands of dollars per year on shipping costs alone, in order to reach a larger client base on the mainland. If you run or work for a business that has occasion to ship packages to the mainland, you need to invest in the best quality boxes and shipping supplies you can find in Kailua Kona. Luckily, the three stores of Hawaii Storage Kings have recently overhauled their merchandising wing to incorporate more goods and a wide variety of small, medium and large boxes as well as special shipping products like bubblewrap, packing peanuts and shrinkwrap. 

The three Hawaii Storage Kings have always provided the Kailua Kona community with small, medium and large boxes, as well as basic packing supplies like bubblewrap. However, due to recent increases in demand for specialty packing supplies from local businesses and art galleries, Storage Kings decided to completely overhaul their operation in order to become full-on distributors of packing materials and boxes of all kinds. In order to better serve the Big Island businesses that always need boxes for artwork, coffee shipments and the padding materials to ensure they arrive safely at their destination, Hawaii Storage Kings now regularly picks-up major shipments of boxes and specialty packing supplies at the dock. 

What kinds of packing supplies can you find at the Hawaii Storage Kings locations? For one thing, you'll find small, medium and large boxes, in both regular and heavy duty varieties. Even if you need to ship large amounts of your best dress shirts and coats, Hawaii Storage Kings offers medium and large wardrobe boxes that feature special metal bars which allow you to ship your clothing on hangers so it never becomes wrinkled or pressed. These are excellent choices for companies that need to ship clothing and want it to arrive looking its best. 

Keep in mind that shipping your items correctly will only benefit your business in the long run. Although it may be tempting at times to cut corners and save money in the moment by rushing your shipments out before they are sufficient padded and secured, remember that it only takes one dissatisfied customer to strike a serious blow to your image and bottom line. One customer that receives damaged goods after paying upfront and waiting for their shipment will be sure to tell all their friends and acquaintances about their negative experience with your company. 

Buying boxes and specialty packing supplies in bulk is a great way to manage your operational costs while still retaining a high level of customer service and shipping security. The Hawaii Storage Kings stores, located in the Kaloko business park next to costco, and in Kealakekua down the street from McDonalds and above the courthouse, offer special bulk discounts to high volume customers. If you run or work for a business that needs a steady supply of boxes and packing supplies, Hawaii Storage Kings stores will extend special rates via premier purchasing accounts. 

What kinds of packing supplies can you find at Storage Kings? Everything from large or small bags of packing peanuts to shrinkwrap wands to foam padding and large boxes of heavy duty wrapping paper. Shrinkwrap is an ideal solution for anyone shipping freight items on pallets, as it helps to secure your load and prevent damage from rocking and shifting on the high seas. 

You can use the foam pads sold by Hawaii Storage Kings stores to protect delicate items against dropping or puncturing damage. They are also designed to repel oil! These are a great choice for shipping documents or high value artwork or paper products that can easily be ruined by oil it comes into contact with by being shipped next to someone else's messy packages.