Finding Bunkbeds

Finding cheap bunkbeds for sale is not usually a problem if you spend a little time looking, but knowing where to look and what your options are will help you out a great deal to find a bunkbed that suits you for the price you are willing to pay.

Before you go picking up the cheapest bunkbeds you can find, make sure you are buying a piece of furniture that is strong enough to support your kids. Some bunkbeds out there are best retired while you will find others that are amazing bargains.

Here are some great ways to find cheap bunkbeds for sale.

Garage Sales

Garage sales are a good place to find furniture of all kinds and these beds are no exception. Bunkbeds are in high demand on the secondary market, however, so you will either have to be early or lucky to get your hands on a great value at a garage sale.

One thing that you should do is to browse the listings ahead of time so that you will be there when the sale opens. That way you will get the first crack at it. If possible you can call the homeowner ahead of time to see if they would let you make an offer early, but some garage sale sponsors will not like this.

Furniture Stores

Naturally a furniture store will have bunkbeds, but to find real value you need to stop by often. This is because like any store, furniture stores will rotate their stock once in a while, and when they do the floor models and remaining stock will go on sale.

Some big furniture stores also have a scratch and dent sections or a clearance center where you will find great values on new furniture. If you are in the market for a new bed start stopping in at the local furniture store every week and you might get lucky.


You should keep your eyes peeled on websites like Craigslist for deals on furniture. This is one of the best places to save a lot of money on bunkbeds since owners put up their listings for free and are willing to part with items cheaper since they have no added cost.

Usually you can pick up the bed right away and bring it home from the seller. They like it because they don't have to have a garage sale or take the bed somewhere. You will like it because you save money.

Consignment Shops

If there is a consignment shop in the area you should make that a frequent stop as you would a furniture store. Since bunkbeds so tend to resell again and again people are willing to sell them on consignment.

You will find a bed here for a great price, and you can shop in relative privacy, unlike a garage sale where the owner will be watching. Consignment shops are great for furniture of all types, and bunkbeds are no exception.

Build Your Own

If you just can't find what you are looking for but you are a bit handy, consider building your own bunkbeds. You can find plans online or even at your home improvement center. You will find plans for traditional children's bunkbeds, bunkbeds with stairs, loft beds, and even trundle beds so you have room for a friend overnight.

Beware that some bunkbed plans are for an intermediate skill level but others are suitable for a beginner and they are strong. Do your homework to get a quality plan. There are some perfectly good free bunkbed plans out there but not many. Many of the best will cost a few dollars but they include all measurements and a parts list to make the job easy.

Find Your Bunkbed

If you check these places you will be able to eventually find a suitable bunkbed at a great price. Finding cheap bunkbeds for sale may take some time, but you can most definitely do it.