Finding cheap craft supplies, can be fun. But it can be profitable, if you sell the crafts you make as a home business.

Whether for fun or profit, supplies can be expensive. But if you allow yourself some time and a day of rummaging, you will be amazed at what you will find. You may even come up with some great craft ideas, based on the supplies that you find!

So, keep an open mind when you hit the flea markets, the garage sales, and my favorite, the re-use centers.

Check out the Re-Use Centers

I really like the re-use centers, because many people clean out their house or that of a relative, and box it all up and basically dumped it at the re-use section of the local dump. It can be a goldmine of cheap craft supplies. Especially fabrics. When many people clean out their house or do some spring cleaning of a relatives house, they will take all these leftovers, especially fabrics and basically throw them out.

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If you love to create quilts, this can be a great place to start. Sometimes you will find antique fabrics, and designs that you just don't see in the fabric stores. You can be like a kid at Christmas, when opening up some of these boxes of goodies!  This is a good place to start if you have one in your town or not too far away.

Garage Sales

But cheap craft supplies are not limited to fabrics. At garage sales you will quite often find people who started craft projects, only to find, it wasn't for them, and the supplies were collecting dust, and have now ended up in a garage sale. You can get craft paints barely used, patterns, craft supplies of all kinds, embroidery floss, knitting wool, half started projects, all going for very cheap.

The homeowner is not going to want to take these back in the house after the garage sale, so they will likely let them go cheap, and quite often as one big package! Many times half started projects are just given away, along with the supplies that were for that project. You could finish the project and add your own special flair.

So, if you love to make crafts, whether for yourself, or for a home business, then sourcing out cheap craft supplies is very important, especially for your bottom line. If you don't spend too much on supplies, then your craft will be mostly profit.

Another great source for supplies are your friends. How many of them have leftover paints, brushes, wool, patterns, or have friends and relatives that are looking to find a home for craft supplies. Ask around, you will be surprised how many people have supplies they would love to find a home for, rather than to throw out, and you, as a crafter will be waiting for them with open arms! Think of it as "recycling".

So if you get creative you will be able to find your supplies and sometimes even craft tools you may need for a discounted price.  This will help to keep more of the profits in your pocket when it comes time to sell your products.


Another great place is online at sites such as eBay.  You will find people will sell off bulk supplies, or "box lots" meaning a box of mix and match.  These are usually quite affordable and you can get some great finds.  Or try creating works of art out of supplies you throw out everyday such as with eggshell crafts for something a little different.