With all of us having to tighten our belts in the present financial climate finding cheap frontline and other pet medicines that we use regularly can be of significant help. Any money that we can save is welcome. I have spent a significant amount of my time over the last few months searching out the best online pet medicine stores and would like to share a few ways I found to both purchase cheap frontline and to make what you purchase go further, thereby giving further savings.

How To Find Cheap Frontline

Firstly, you must do price comparisons. So many of us fail to do this and we are missing out on significant savings. If you gather a handful of sites and compare their prices you will often be surprised at how much you can save.

I easily saved over $30 by comparing prices. I can now get frontline plus for a large Dog for six months for $54 instead of nearer to $90, which is what many sites charge. This is simply by comparing prices.

Secondly, don't forget about purchasing from over the border. If you live in the US then you can make significant savings by purchasing from Canada. Even those in the UK can save this way, oreven by making a purchase from an Australian pet medicine source.

How To Make Cheap Frontline Go Even Further

The following are a few tips to help you make the frontline that you purchase last longer, thereby saving money:

  1. Try applying every six weeks rather than every month. Straight away this is a 50% saving. If fleas or ticks return then revert back to closer to monthly applications.
  2. Ensure you apply it correctly. For Dogs it must be applied to the skin. If it soaks in to the fur too much it will not be as effective.
  3. Try applying in two places rather than one. Large Dogs may not get full coverage and protection if you apply all the capsule in one place. If you apply in two places it can spread much more evenly over the entire body and will give better protection and keep your pet free of ticks and fleas for longer.
  4. Never let the cheap frontline that you purchase and apply get wet for at least a day. This means keeping your pet completely dry for the day you apply the solution. It will not be as effective if you let this happen.

If you apply all the above to the cheap frontline plus that you have hopefully found then you will certainly make the most of the medication and you really will have got a very good and cheap frontline.