In the present financial climate we are all looking for ways to cut down on costs and save money whenever possible. Looking after our pets can be expensive so finding cheap sources of pet medications is one way to help save money yet still treat our Dogs with their regular medication. Finding cheap heartworm medicine is one way we can lower our monthly spend, and with the following points you will have no problem making substantial savings for all of your pet medications, not justheartworm medicine.

If you follow these points you will make substantial savings on your heartworm medicine:

  • Never just assume that your regular online pet medicine store has the best prices. I have now been involved in the online pet medicine business for a few months, and it is not always a pleasant experience. What I have found is that quite often we are being grossly overcharged by the online stores. Marketing is at the heart of the problem.

    Because a handful of sites dominate the search engines for all pet medicine related searches because they have large advertising budgets, they charge us very high prices for our heartworm medicines and all other products. Most people do not realise they are being overcharged because all the top sites have very similar prices. If you looked at a few different online stores you would soon realise how much more than necessary you are paying for heartworm medicine. This brings me neatly onto my next point:

  • Compare prices. Gather together a handful of sites then type in your heartworm medicine of choice and compare the prices. It is surprising how few people actually do this but it is a good way to save a substantial amount of money. Don't just compare the prices of the top few stores though, take some time to see who else sells heartworm medicine. Look for less well known or up and coming stores that want to grab you as a customer, quite often their prices will be low to tempt you to become a regular customer.
  • Cheap heartworm medicine can also be purchased by buying a generic heartworm medicine. By purchasing a basic medication with no frills you can literally cut the cost in half. Generics do not mean cutting down on quality, it simply means that you will buy a less well knownbrand than something like Heartgard but with the same active ingredient, which in this case is Ivermectin. Generic heartworm medicine is made by a few people but Valuheart is probably the most well known and the best deal. It is half the price of Heartgard but if you want a no frills approach and don't mind that it does not come in tasty tablet form then it is a very good choice.

Hopefully these few tips will ensure that you can still look after your pet and give it its monthly medication by purchasing cheap heartworm medicine.