If you are looking for a good quality cheap laptop you will find that there is a whole variety available online.

Whether you are looking for laptops for kids or cheap laptops for people on a budget, this task can be made easy if you take a look at the cheap notebooks that there are to choose from at online stores like Amazon.com.

You will see that there are things that you need to decide on such as how advanced the functionality and its capabilities need to be. These factors will affect the prices but you are sure to find exactly what you need within your budget.

Here are a few examples of what is on offer.

Toshiba Satellite L305-S5961 15.4-Inch Laptop - Black/GreyCheap Toshiba laptop

If you are looking for a straight forward simple laptop that you know you can switch on and carry out your tasks with great ease, this could be the laptop for you. Toshiba have an extensive range of computers on sale and this is a great example.

The screen is 15.4" in size and with an Intel Pentium Dual Core processor, you know that the performance of the system is going to be top notch.

This is a nice little laptop at a bargain price which would be suitable for technophobes, youngsters and students. There are also computer discount sales that will also provide this type of good quality system at competitive prices.

Compaq Presario CQ60-410US 15.6-Inch LaptopCheap Compaq Presario laptop

This is another competitively priced laptop for the price conscious buyer. The Compaq Presario laptop has a large screen which is great for watching DVDs and online videos. This is the perfect portable computer that won't do too much damage to your pocket.

This is a slimline notebook that weighs in at only 6.5 pounds. To make it truly portable you may wish to invest in a laptop travel bag to keep your system safe and secure.

Hewlett Packardc Pavilion G70-250US 17.0-Inch LaptopCheap Hewlett Packard laptop

This is a much heavier laptop than the previous examples. It weighs in at a hefty 11.2 pounds. The advantage of this Hewlett Packard notebook is that you get a much larger screen. The screen measures 17 inches so is perfect for watching online videos and DVDs.

The 320GB hard drive means that there is more than enough storage space for the average computer user. This computer also has an Intel Pentium processor so you do not have to worry about its operating functionality at all.

All these laptops are available at bargain prices and they can be bought brand new. If you are looking to make even more savings, you may like to consider buying a used or recondition notebook. If you decide to go down this route, you need to ensure that you still get a good quality guarantee so that if there are any problems, you know that you can return or exchange the product without any hassles.