Printer ink

and toner

There isn't any debate that printers are necessary in every modern home or office. All kinds of forms downloaded from the internet will need printing. Businesses cannot survive without printing many documents. As technology has advanced so quickly in the last few years, you can buy printers with different functions. Built-in scanners, copiers and fax machines are common. Before you buy a multi-functional printer, consider how much it costs to run. Here are some tips on how to find cheap printer cartridges.

Most people think that when the printer is out of ink, it is better to buy a new cartridge from the original manufacturer of the printer. This may not the cheapest solution as the original equipment manufacturer or OEM will be more expensive. Purchasing from OEMs may prove more reliable because ink is of higher quality but if your business needs a lot of toner and ink cartridges, it will probably be cost-effective to find less expensive products.

One of the easiest ways to keeping costs of printer cartridges down is by finding good suppliers online. Websites do not have much overhead so they can offer the products at lower prices than brick and mortar stores. Some websites sell unboxed toner that could not be sold in many stores.

If free shipping is part of the deal that is great,  if delivery isn't free, a bulk order could save some money, if you use a lot of ink, buying cartridges in packs of ten or more can bring you greater discounts. Also consider the cost of shipping in your order.

Online sellers don't have the costs of brick and mortar stores with their employees. They can pass these savings on to their customers by offering lower prices. The online suppliers may only deal in printing accessories with the knowledge and ability that enables them to give help and advice to their customers.

The aftermarket toner and cartridges cost less than name brands, which is why people buy them. Sometimes it's difficult to decide if the vendor is selling a quality product or not. The best way to shop is by ordering from an established online retailer. An online retailer who will guarantee quality in the ink, toner and other items.

By shopping online, you will find less expensive products. Retailers that do business online always try to keep their prices down by offering great discounts to customers. A little research  can save you a lot of your hard-earned cash when you buy online from a reputable seller.

A little comparison shopping will convince you of the money you might save.  Go to your local office supply store and see what they charge for printing supplies.  Then go online and see what the same items cost.  The online sellers will almost always have lower prices even with the cost of shipping.