Introduction to Snake Proof Hunting Boots

Finding cheap snake proof boots doesn't need to be as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack.  While a few years ago these boots were only produced by a couple of companies, now individual hunters, hikers, and general outdoor enthusiasts now have many more choices from a wide variety of great companies.  Just a few of the high end snake boot companies that specialize in this type of protective footwear include:

These six companies aren't even the end all, be all, of companies producing anti snake boots.  However they are currently among the biggest names in the field.  They produce footwear designed to be comfortable, many designs are water proof for the swamp or wetland hunters, and most importantly are effective against snake bites.  While many people have claimed that normal hunting boots will do fine, just take a look at the video at the bottom.  That hunter has the boots including two fang marks where a timber rattlesnake got him good.  Fortunately he had a snake bite kit, but without that excellent survival gear he would have been in trouble.  Having a good pair of these snake resistant boots would have saved him even that much trouble.

Amazon's Most Popular Snake Boot

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These excellent boots are not only great camouflaged hunting boots, but they are also the highest rated snake proof hunting boots on Get comfort, water proofing, and the additional protection that these boots provide - and if you don't think it's important, take a look at the video at the end of this article.

Finding Great Deals on Protective Hunting Boots

So how do you find a good deal on these for yourself or a family member who isn't going to give up trampling through rattlesnake territory for a good hunt?  One of the first things to remember is comparison.  While some snake boots might seem expensive, keep in mind that a hunter needs hunting boots anyhow.  Compared to some of the more popular and expensive high end outdoor footwear, these can often be a great deal!  The added protection from venomous snakes often is a bonus that doesn't really add that much more expense especially when you take a look at the normal prices for hunting gear.

One of the first things to look at when finding a deal is simple.  In fact it is as simple as learning how to be a smart shopper. First and foremost snake proof boots are more expensive in most cases than most boots for hiking, hunting, or even just flat out water proof.  In part this is due the materials used in their construction but largely because of the claim they have to back up: this footwear will prevent snake fangs from penetrating your foot and lower legs, thus preventing a snake bite.  That's a huge piece of mind for hunters, hikers, and those of us who are just straight out afraid of serpents.

This means that the first step to finding cheap snake proof boots is to research both online and offline in order to run the price comparisons. There are dozens of online retailers to choose from, as well as local or national retailers offering their prices online. If you have an idea of the size  you will need you'll get a better idea on the price. Look into trusted outdoor outfitters such as Cabela's. Check out the prices at your local hunting or specialty stores. The internet brings a vast amount of information to bear quickly, so finding out who has the best price should be simple.

That being said, never have price as the final decision for a purchase.  You don't want to save twenty bucks only to realize you went for a pair of boots that were not water proof or are far more uncomfortable than what you were originally looking at.

Snake Guardz for Venomous Snake Protection

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These protective pieces of clothing will go a long way towards giving you not only piece of mind, but also physical safety from any possible venomous vipers going through the tall grass.

Look for Off Season Sales

The second trick is to time your buy and look for the sales. Most retailers of any kind have holiday sales such as Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) or last days before Christmas sale. Hunting supply stores may host sales either before or after a particular hunting season to clear out inventory. If you happen to find one of these hunting outfitters in the middle of a going out of business sale or a moving sale you are also likelier to find better deals on snake proof boots.  There are also two strategies for finding cheap equipment in preparation for the next season.  

One is to go for the before hunting season sales and look to see what type of specials are going on.  On the other hand, if you live in a state with four seasons then often times shopping in the off season will actually lead to better prices.

Snake Bite Kit Saves Life: Snake Proof Boots Could've Saved Injury

A Good Snake Bite Kit Can Save Your Life

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Whether you're a camper, hunter, or hiker, you will want to make sure that you are prepared for the worst case scenario.

Online and Gift Options

A third method of finding cheap snake proof boots is to list it on a wish list for family or friends to buy for you for a holiday or birthday. If they can't afford the full price the boot, even collecting gift cards for the store in which you intend to buy the boots can lessen the cost for you.

If these still prove to be non-viable options for finding cheap snake proof boots the next alternative is to look at buying snake proof leggings or snake proof chaps designed to be worn over thick leather boots or steel toed boots.