Finding cheap twin beds for sale in the USA is easy. This popular bed frame size is sold by most furniture retailers and serves a multitude of purposes. By finding out how a twin size bed is defined and the advantages of choosing this type of frame, you can make an informed decision that gives you great value for your money whether you are buying for little boys or girls.

The Dimensions of a Twin Bed

A standard twin size is much smaller than a king size or queen size bed. The frame and mattress are typically 75 inches long and 39 inches wide. This makes them the perfect size for children and smaller adults. This twin size also fits well in the smaller sized bedrooms that children usually occupy.

The Extra Long Version

A twin frame and mattress may alternatively be categorized as an extra long model. These frames are 80 inches long and are still 39 inches wide. This size is frequently seen in college dorm rooms. It’s also a popular choice for private guest rooms as it is generally more comfortable for an adult to sleep on an extra long twin bed. Keep in mind that extra long mattresses require specialized bedding.

Advantages of the Twin Size

These beds are smaller than other beds, making them a less expensive choice. However, the cheap price is only the beginning of the advantages. Bedding options are plentiful, and they are also quite a bit cheaper than bedding for other frame sizes. Another advantage of choosing a twin size is the diversity of available styles. The platform version is a perennial favorite, but the stylish sleigh bed is also widely available. Of course, children love the bunk bed option, and these are typically available in twin size.

Tips for Choosing a Twin Bed

If your baby is two or older, chances are good that they are ready to graduate from a crib. Some parents opt for a toddler bed instead of a twin size at first because they are lower to the ground. However, due to the relatively short length of time that a child will use such a specially sized frame, it generally makes sense to go directly from the crib to a twin. To ensure your child’s health and safety, it’s advisable to choose a frame that has side rails to keep them from rolling off the mattress at night. These side rails can be removed as your child develops.

New vs. Used Mattresses

For the sake of your child’s overall health, it makes sense to purchase a brand new, unused mattress. Used quilts, blankets, sheets and other bedding may be pre-owned as these items can be washed and present little health hazard.

Other Options to Consider

If you’re working with a small space, consider getting a loft bed. Loft models are elevated well above the floor’s surface. Underneath the mattress, you might find drawers for storage, a desk or a play area. This style of bed can be a great way to get the most out of a tiny space.

Where to Buy Inexpensive Twin Beds

From furniture stores to big box retailers, you’ll have many choices for where to buy these useful products. You can order online or from a catalog. Many retailers also have products in the store so that you can see and touch them before making a purchase decision.


This big box retailer lets you shop online and in the store. Their offerings range from decorative headboard to a bed frame complete with headboard and footboard. Target is widely recognized as an outstanding discount retailer. Their products tend to possess reasonably high quality and are stylish enough to suit the taste of the most finicky kids. The Target website features some frame models that are not available in their retail locations, providing extra style choices at excellent prices.


This store is a discount retailer that allows you to shop online and in stores. Keep in mind that the website is likely to have a wider selection of items than can be found in stores. Many items can be ordered online and then shipped to the local store for free. In addition, this retailer runs regular promotions that provide shoppers with sale prices and free shipping to their homes. Check the website often to get the best deals.


This website lets shoppers take advantage of seriously discounted prices. Beds constructed of solid wood or metal are typically available, making for sturdy options that will definitely stand the test of time. Overstock often carries recognizable brand names and often runs free shipping promotions. Otherwise, most items ship from the website at a very low shipping fee.

One Way Furniture

An online retailer that specializes in furniture of all descriptions, One Way is a great choice because of the depth of their selection of twin size beds. Their prices are excellent and a toll-free customer service phone line makes it easy to have additional questions answered during office hours. One Way typically offers free shipping on their products, is highly rated by the Better Business Bureau and offers price matching with competitive retailers.

Kids Furniture Mart

This is another online retailer that is notable because of their vast selection of products. You can purchase a simple headboard or get an entire bedroom furniture set. Loft style beds on the website provide your child with extra storage space beneath the mattress. There are also bunk beds, daybeds and captains beds available. Most of the products found at Kids Furniture Mart are available in a wide range of colors including basic white, black and natural wood. Frequent free shipping promotions make this website a good economic choice.

Land of Nod

This retailer lets you shop online, in stores or through their catalog. The styles available encompass a broad collection that includes everything from an antique look to a sleek ultra modern fashion. Many of the bed frames are fashioned from solid wood, and everything for sale at this website bears the markings of high quality, long-lasting products. Nonetheless, the company’s pricing remains competitive, making this retailer a good choice for a long-term furniture investment.

An Investment in the Future

A good mattress, box-spring and frame help to keep your child safe and healthy throughout their early years. Choosing a good quality twin bed from a reputable retailer not only helps you save money, but also provides your child with a better night’s sleep.