Holiday Gift Giving is Not As Hard As You Think

Listening and Watching are your two keys to successfully choosing Christmas Gifts

That holiday season is back upon us already!  It seems as though the year had just begun yesterday!

A lot of us gripe about the holiday season.  And, sure, all of the Christmas promotions and ads can seem a little much this early in the year.  However, doesn't all of us want to give our loved ones the best possible gifts?  

What if those Christmas mailers were "just the ticket" to doing that?

Tips For Choosing A Christmas Gift:

1. Know Your Recipient

Before you even think about Christmas shopping, you need to think about that loved one you are buying for.  Ask yourself a few questions about them.  Here are some ideas:

What kind of hobbies do they enjoy?

What do they think is beautiful?

Who is their favorite singer?

What is their favorite restaurant?

What do they like to do to relax?

I know, the list sounds silly, highschoolish, even.  But --  just like it did with our very first Valentines Day present -- knowing what what our loved ones really treasure is key to successfully shopping for them.  

After all, you want that gift to make them go "wow", right? So it's worthwhile to put a little time into remembering what their favorite items are.

2. Know What's Hot

If you have followed the instructions above, you likely have now come up with a few great ideas of general areas of interest you might want to find gift ideas for.  

Now it's time to turn on the internet and do some research!

(To help make sure that your loved one does not discover your pre-season research, I would advice doing this shopping on a non-shared computer, or using one of the "incognito" windows that comes installed as part of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.)

Start by perusing niche websites devoted to your loved one's hobby.  Maybe they love a special breed of horses.  Maybe they enjoy fishing, camping or skydiving.  Maybe they love fine books.  Visiting websites and reading magazines devoted to those topics can help you find ideas of unique Christmas gift ideas for those fields.

Then begin to go a little broader.  You might research Amazon and other major online retailers to get customer reviews on the items you are considering.  Amazon also has a "most wished for" section that can help you find top items in each category, or you can find lists, like this one, of 25 Christmas gift ideas

3. Get A Deal

By the time those flyers come in for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you have hopefully already decided on a course of action. Start scanning those flyers for the best deals, and shop at stores that offer price-matching.  

But don't be cheap! If you think the item might be too hot to survive a Black Friday rush, go ahead and snap it up! After all, if you do get it at a lower price later, you can always return the original (providing you hung onto the receipt).

Your Christmas morning is going to be awesome! 

Of course, with all of this pre-planning, you now have the challenge of hiding that present until Christmas morning.

Compared to most of the other holiday shoppers out there, that is a good problem to have!