The Samsung Galaxy Tab is a tablet computer/mobile phone using the Android platform that was released recently in fall 2010 to enthusiastic reviews, selling one million pieces within two months. The basic hardware of the Galaxy Tab consists of a 7-inch screen, internal storage up to 32GB, a 1GHZ processor and 512MB ram. It has a 3.2 Megapixel camera with built in WiFi and 3G connectivity. This makes for a powerful little device that has many different applications developed for it. Here are some of the best available at this time.

New Galaxy Tab Apps In Development

Google and Samsung are currently developing Samsung galaxy tab apps (applications). This phone already has several inbuilt apps. Third party applications are also springing up, which can be downloaded from the Android website.

An interesting application is the Press Display app, which is the highest reviewed application so far. It provides clear and easy reading for the most popular newspapers. Newspapers offered include the New York Times and the Financial Times as well as the Wall Street Journal. The Press Display app comes fully loaded with the store bought phone.

Built In Glaxy Tab Applications

The Galaxy tab also comes with Qik, which is a top of the line video calling mode, and also has a fully functional app for Skype and YouTube. A very popular application, which is highly recommended for use with this mobile phone, is the Amazon Kindle software. This is a free application that allows users to purchase E-books and digital media from as well as providing a useful way to read and manage e-books purchased. It can also be used to read free eBooks and other text files.

Exchange by third party Touch-Down is another well reviewed app. Its main functions are reading and sending Email, syncing calendars and contacts as well as a host of other related features, and is available for a free trial download from the NitroDesk website.

Free Applications For The Galaxy Tab

There are many free applications, which can be found on various websites. These are independently produced apps, which perform basic operations. These applications are small and easy to download and install. Items usually found and downloaded include calculators, (which include scientific calculation abilities) various independent browser software, dictionaries and many different financial related software; loan calculators, stock market watchers, pay managers and cost counters.

There are also horoscope packages, jokes, flash based humor themed applications in different languages, as well as several different games and trivia questions. Some of the apps found on the Android or other websites may have been developed with another phone in mind, and although they may run on the Galaxy; they could looked squashed or small; due to the large 7-inch screen featured on this Samsung phone.

A simple fix for this involves downloading an application called Spare Parts; available from the Android website. The next few steps involve de-checking and checking the 'compatibility mode' box featured inside the app. A reboot will have to be performed, after which the box will have to be un-ticked again. After a subsequent reboot, reports say that other apps can now be viewed in full screen. Galaxy tab apps are still being tweaked and released, and with time; features that are more useful will be available.