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If you find yourself stressed out and overwhelmed by credit card servicing costs, you need to remember that there are simple solutions to this problem; you just need to consider it. A simple solution to your problem in the short run is as simple as transferring your balance in the existing credit card to a low rate or credit card at 0% with no transfer fees.


If you aim at not only lowering your payments of interest but any other costs linked to your credit card, then your best option would be credit cards at 0% with no transfer fees.

Introductory offers with no transfer fees

You perhaps have been receiving numerous offers for credit cards by post but if you find one with credit cards at 0% with no transfer fees coming your way, it would mage business logic to consider it.

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But instead of waiting for such an offer in your mail box, you could go ahead and begin researching preliminary offers that are available right away and begin saving money in charges related to interest. After all, anyone would choose not to pay credit card interest for as long as they possibly can only if they are aware that such opportunity actually exists. While comparing credit card preliminary proposals, you need to narrow down to credit cards at 0% with no transfer fees. Make comparisons of your shortlisted cards in terms of their preliminary terms, ordinary rates of interest, preliminary rates of interest, regular fees, penalties and charges. In doing this, you ensure that indeed you are receiving a true insight of the relative payback of various credit cards. Of great importance is that you get the longest preliminary time you possibly can so as to benefit from your credit card balance transfer.

Where to find credit card introductory offers

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In today’s world, the easiest and quickest way to obtain a list of preliminary offers for credit cards at 0% with no transfer fees is by conducting a search online. Such an exercise throws up a horde of results that you could follow. It is much easier though, to concentrate on sites that have made an effort to compute and make available to you comparisons of various credit cards. Such comprehensive sites could make this process extremely convenient and fast for you. They not only narrow your focus down by providing you with a range of the finest credit cards but most importantly provide an online facility for applying. Being able to submit an online application relieves the process off so much stress because you do not have to take time off from work to honour an appointment of let go of other obligations.  It saves you a lot of time and energy and increases the speed with which you can reorganize credit card funds pretty quick. In addition, the process lessens procrastination that is likely to result from frustration of a process that is difficult to find. The more efficient a process is the easier it is for people to be decisive and pursue a certain course. It is therefore important to make use of the comprehensive credit card websites as they ease balance transfer process from the start to the end.

So, what are the best credit card offers?

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The finest offers are those that provide the longest 0% rate phase and have a low if not no transfer of balance fees, have a sensible rate of interest at the end of the preliminary period as well as those whose ongoing charges are minimal. You may come across a credit card that has a 12 month 0% rate period and has a high preliminary fee for transfer of balance and another that charges no fee for transfer of balance but has a preliminary period of 3 months only.  Transferring your credit card balance to a 0% interest credit card that is for business, a business would be able to increase its profitability and reduce its financial stress. Your profits will remain high when your indirect costs remain low. Whether your decision is to plough back the savings you make on by cutting down your credit card interests into your going concern or decide to keep them as profits, the earlier you seal your financial loopholes through payment of high (monthly) interest charges, the better it is for your business.

How credit card transfers can aid your finances in the long run


The essence of a credit card transfer is lasting benefits and not simply temporary gain hence the need to obtain the finest deal that has the ability to provide you with benefits that will endure. The plan is to get immediate release as well as an enduring financial progress. To achieve this, it is necessary not to spend savings you make from monthly interests. If you are not able to meet your needs presently due to interest related charges, then you need to liberate enough cash to get yourself back on your feet. If you are not able to allocate a much as you can towards reducing your balance on credit card, it would be difficult to better your position financially in the long run. This would quickly trigger the cycle of stress that you were experiencing before. Preliminary credit cards at 0% with no transfer fees have the potential to turn around your life and finances. The secret to their successful use is sticking to a budget that incorporates paying off your debts.


In your continued search for attractive credit cards offers, keep in mind the continually evolving nature of credit card deals. If your plan is to sign up for a particular 0% proposal that you have sighted, then make it quick. Know that a great feeless offer for bank transfer you come across today may not be available when you go looking tomorrow. However, a selection of credit cards at 0% with no transfer fees is still healthy, so no need to panic if what you wanted disappears.