The best place that I have found for free security software online is going to Just type into your address bar and allow the page to load.

In the search section it would be best to just type in virus software but omit the word "free" in the search. When you get to the page showing all the different software options to download just look to the side of the screen where there is a free option tab. Hit that and it will bring up all the free software that they have available.

The best one that I have found that is free on this site is AVG (Average Garden). This security software scans the computer for viruses and allows you to delete them. With other downloads you might find they will allow you to scan but want you to purchase the package online before they will actually delete any infected files or get rid of any viruses. AVG will also alert you when it finds a virus.

When you first set it up it will give you the option for a time for it to run a scan every day or whenever the time frame is that you would like it to run. I set mine to run every day, and so far so good.

If for some reason you cannot find AVG in the results you can use many of the other products they have. I have also used AVAST and it works really good. Each one of the programs will have a rating score in stars at the side. You can also see how many people have downloaded it, including how many were downloaded in the last week. I look for ones that have been downloaded over a hundred thousand times. If one of the results has four stars but only has been downloaded six times it won't mean as much if it has four stars and has been downloaded over a thousand. You should read about the product you are downloading because they some times have other types of programs in with the results. Some might not be for viruses.