Free website traffic

Free traffic is the source to untold amounts of income and business growth. Company’s offline pay big dollar to have their store front on busy high ways, billboard signs and other avenues where traffic is heavy. This is the same thing online, however you don't need to pay big bucks. By understanding the core fundamentals of how traffic flow works online you can place your storefront (website) in front of thousands by as early as tomorrow!

You might of hear of this little thing called Google. Over 90% of people use it to search online and accounts for millions of visitors to sites each month. In fact I am sure you make a number of searches yourself on it every day. What if you could find little unknown keywords people are not trying to target and end up ranking number one for them. You'd be surprised at how long of a keyword people will type in some times. I often do this when trying to find something specific and some times even ask it in question form. For example "how to increase website traffic" is a long keyword but you might be surprised it gets over 1,300 searches every month. What if you had the number one spot for this keyword and conservatively only got 50% of the searches each month. That’s about 650 visitors to your site each and every month coming to your site because you optimized your site to target this keyword. This entire process is called SEO and while there are many factors that go into it we will only go over the broad details of it here.

First your going to want a blog and run it on wordpress. This is simple to incorporate into any business as you can just input and run it behind the core of your business front. Search engines gobble these things up and consider them to be valuable content and updated regularly. Your going to want to find your keyword and add it to your title of your blog post,  within the content of your blog post and also make sure its within your URL. To do this easily with wordpress simply login to your admin area and click on permalinks under settings. Here you can click on custom structure and then input "/%postname%/" this will add the title of your post into the url helping with your SEO rankings.