Try some new bathroom accessories ideas to find ways to bring your boring bathroom back to life. By adding some fresh accessories, you can completely change the way your bathroom looks and feels. Bathroom accessories are low cost, easy additions to your bathroom that can update it for holidays, seasons, sports and other themes. 

Storage Accessories

Many nice bathrooms are buried in clutter, often concealing clever design elements in which you once took pride. A simple wall-mounted shelf can hold toiletries and utensils that now encompass your sink, so you can wash your hands and brush your teeth without knocking thinks onto the floor. If you have need to store a lot of things like toilet paper, towels and soap, consider buying an over-the-tank storage unit. These are special bathroom accessories that can provide better solutions than stacking things on top of the tank where they often fall into the toilet. 

Storage shelves can always be for decoration, such as a wall-mounted glass shelf that can hold knick knacks, curios and collectibles. These shelves are also great for potpourri, air fresheners, photographs, canisters and bath supplies.

Utilization Accessories

Some bathrooms can benefit from bathroom accessories ideas that make the room more accessible. For example, a step stool can make it easier for children to reach the sink so they can brush their teeth and wash up. A stackable multi-roll toilet paper dispenser can make life easy for those who have big households and busy bathrooms. These make it possible to reduce the number of times people are caught on the throne without a way to finish up. 

Other accessories like area rugs, floor mats and bath mats help people keep their feet firmly on the floor, improving safety. Rugs and mats are also a great way to add a dash of contrasting color to the room, giving you the chance to draw out latent colors from the existing decor of the room. 

Luxury Accessories

Accessories like floor heaters add a touch of luxury to almost any bathroom. These usually require the floor to be torn up, so this type of accessory is probably not well-suited for rented residences. However, toe-kick heaters that mount near the floor at the bottom of your vanity or shelf can add a similar warming effect that is much appreciated during the fall and winter months. 

Towel warmers and heated towel racks are another great way to add luxury to your bathroom. You can choose from units that get their heat be circulating hot water through them or from units that plug into the electric outlet in the wall. Other luxury items like massaging bath mats, bath cushions add an extra bit of enjoyment to your life and to your bathroom. 

Bundled Accessories

Accessory sets bundle together many of the most common bathroom accessories ideas. Choose from small sets that include accessories for the vanity and sink like lotion dispensers, soap dishes and  tissue box covers;  medium sets that include wastebaskets, towels, shower curtains and curtain rings; or large sets that include almost everything including hampers mats, robe hooks, wall appliqués and more.