In the wide world of drinking glasses, the margarita glass has to be one of those most famous and fun spirited ones. Never mind that it holds one of the most party going and crazy-time-having alcohols - that agave nectar called tequila. These glasses can be about as plain and simple as you want or much more elegant and beautiful. If you go to a fine party or some other event, you may see one of these designer glasses, but don't expect anything fancy from your local bar or hotel. These establishments go through too many drinks to be pouring them in fine made stemware.

Some people use glassware as a gift for a wedding or special occasion gift. This is a great opportunity to seek out those colorful and elegant looking margarita glasses. When it comes to giving a gift, you can get away with a set of four glasses to be the perfect set. Heck, if you are at all artistic you can even give a hand painted set of these glasses. There are special paints that are made to be used on glassware that can be washed without worry of coming off prematurely. Hand washing would still be wise in these situations.

Hand painted margarita glasses are a wonderful gift. Because of the size of the margarita glass and its bowl shape, there is plenty of room to decorate and adorn them. I've seen beautiful looking flowers painted in a variety of ways and styles on a larger glass. Sometimes, the stem is decorated to look like the stem of the flower and then it is painted on the bottom side of the bowl of the glass so that it looks like you are drinking from the flower itself. They are very nice looking and appreciated.

This brings up another point about margarita sets. If you get a four-glass set as a gift, it will usually either come with a pitcher or it would be a good idea to include. You can paint the margarita pitcher to match your glasses or have it be a big bee or something that would be in theme with the rest, but not an exact match. You can easily find these margarita glasses and other designs in many fine home stores or by searching online.

Another thing to consider is the design of the glass itself. A margarita glass has some specific features to work with. These glasses have a stem with a larger bowl shaped glass that holds the drink. The stems can be found to be shaped like a cactus, lizard or other festive themed object and creature. Since the drinks are very popular in the southwest, you will be able to find a wide variety of margarita glasses in gift shops and local artisan galleries there if you ever visit that part of the country. Finding the best type of glass for your margarita can be a fun and eye opening little adventure.