Healthy Fast Food


Most of us don't eat that often at fast food restaurants. On occasion we have to grab a quick lunch or dinner with the kids while we're on the road. There are ways to keep your calorie intake in check, as well as your fat, fiber and sodium. Use this article as a guide when you're on the road in making the best choices in finding healthy fast food.


Here are a few options that will not tip the scale. This is a plan to keep you feeling full, without eating all the extras.

Meal #1: The Caesar salad with grilled chicken is a good option to choose. I suggest if you can plan ahead to bring your own dressing. You can pack one for the occasion. These low fat dressings can be purchased at wholesale clubs. Try to find one for around 50 or 60 calories per packet. With this option, you could choose a diet soda, (which has no calories and just sodium of 17-30 grams) and apple dippers (without the dip) which are low in calories. (Total = Calories- 255, sodium - 920 mg. (depending on type of soda), fiber - 3, fat- 6.)

Meal #2: Here is your chance to have a hamburger, and you can save 50 calories by choosing the hamburger versus the cheeseburger. Top this menu off with a side salad bringing your dressing of course. You can also choose the apple dippers without the dip. I recommend that you have a diet soda of your choice or plain water for a healthy fast food choice. ( Total= Calories - 305 ,not including your own dressing, fat - 9 g., sodium- 560 mg, fiber - 3 grams.



Menu #1: The garden salad with Tender grilled chicken is an extremely good healthy fast food choice. Use your own salad dressing with this one so you can keep the calories down. If you get stuck though, burger king has a fat free version of Kens dressing that is 60 calories. With this menu you can have apple fries with caramel dip. Choose your own diet soda or maybe water instead. (Calories -300, Fat -9, Sodium- 745, fiber -5).

Menu #2 I found it is better to go with the Whopper Jr., without mayonaise versus the hamburger. They are the same amount of calories and fat but the fiber is higher on the whopper jr. (2 grams vs 1 gram)and the sodium is lower by 60 mg. on the whopper Jr. This makes it a much better choice. With this menu you can choose the side salad (your dressing or their fat free), and the apple fries with caramel dipping sauce. You can have a diet soda or just water.(Total = Calories 445, Fat -12, Sodium -555 with diet soda, fiber -4).

~Wendy's ~

Menu #1: Choosing the chili with seasoning and saltines can be very filling. You can add a side salad with this as well as your soda. You can add the mandarin orange cup (Total = calories -302, fat – 6, sodium- 868, fiber- 9).

Menu #2: The baked potato (plain) is a good choice at Wendy's as it has lots of fiber.With this menu, you can choose the side salad without dressing and your choice of a diet drink or water. The mandarin orange cup would be a nice addition to this menu to choose a healthy fast food option. (Total = calories – 385, fat – 0, sodium – 95, fiber – 10).

~Taco Bell~

Menu #1 The soft Ranchero chicken taco is a reasonable meal to get for calorie minded people. There are no side salads at taco bell but you could get the Mexican rice with this along with a diet soda or water. There are no desserts that I could find that are reasonable enough to try. (Total = calories- 380, fat – 17, sodium – 1080, fiber -3).

Menu #2 The Fresco style soft beef taco will save you  20 calories rather than the regular beef taco. You can add the rice with this as well as your diet soda or water. (Total = calories- 290, fat -10, sodium -1110, fiber – 4).



Menu#1 – The grilled chicken breast (1 pc), corn on the cob (1), mash potatoes without gravy and a side salad. It sounds like a lot but the corn is small so having the side salad will help fill you up. Choose a diet soda or water for your drink. (Total= calories 363, fat- 7.5, Fiber – 4).

Menu #2 – The honey BBQ sandwich with a side salad (your own dressing) and corn on the cob is a filling choice and excellent chance to have a healthy fast food alternative. (Total= calories – 393, fat – 4.5, sodium – 852, fiber – 3.9)


This will give you plenty of choices at several fast food restuarants so that you can choose healthy fast food menus.


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