Great coffee can be had at home if you have a coffee grinder for the freshest coffee, each and every pot. The coffee is full of oils that give your beverage the very best taste that you can get from the bean. However, grinding increases the surface from which these oils can dry. For fresh coffee grinding right before you brew is a must. A good coffee grinder makes this easy, but the best coffee grinders can be really expensive. You can find a good, inexpensive coffee grinder!

Tips for Choosing the Coffee Grinder For You

The first thing that you need to do is make sure you know what you want from your coffee grinder. You should consider these things even before you start looking, because knowing what you want will help you choose the inexpensive coffee grinder for you. Consider each of these things:

  • Cost – Inexpensive to one person is not necessarily inexpensive to another person. With that in mind you should figure out how much you can afford to spend on your coffee grinder. Look at your budget, talk with your significant other or anyone else that the decision will effect, and figure out the most amount of money that you can spend. If you spend less, great. However, having the most that you can afford will give you more options.
  • Needs – You will want to make sure you consider what your needs are. You will need to consider the different types of coffee you want to make. Some coffee grinders aren't good at grinding French press coffee grinds and some aren't good at producing a fine grind for espresso.
  • Use – This has to do with how much you will be using the grinder. If you are going to use it a dozen times a day then you will want one that is quick and easy to use and quick and easy to clean. If you are only using it once a week you might want something more hands on and one that offers a great grind at a great price, even if it takes longer to use.

Once you know the answers to these questions and have really thought about what you can afford you will be able to move forward and look at the coffee grinder options out there.

The Capresso Infinity Coffee Grinder

Some people will find that the Capresso Infinity coffee grinder is still expensive. However, you will pay about $100 for this grinder rather than $300 or more for other highly rated coffee grinders. This is a burr grinder that grinds at slower speeds. This keeps your beads cool and flavorful. It also does a good job at grinding coffee from large French press grinds all the way to find espresso grinds. This makes it possible for you to enjoy your coffee any time. However, it is messy, has a lot of static, and can be a pain to clean. In the end, most of these issues are pretty common of coffee grinders and this is a great machine to own if you have the money to spend.

The Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder

This machine costs around the same amount as the Capresso Infinity and isn't as highly rated, but it comes in a variety of colors and has a great look. For someone who wants a specific look, this machine can provide it while still giving you a great grind and while still coming with all the features that you want it to in order to meet your coffee grinding needs.

The Hario MSS-1B Mini Mill Slim Coffee Grinder

If you are willing to work for your coffee then you might be as amazed as I was with this small hand grinder. It can grind everything from a very fine coffee on up to a coarse French press coffee. It is easy to use (even with foreign instructions) and can make some great coffee. However, you are talking about a crank style operation that will require you to work a bit for your coffee. On the other hand, you will get a bit of a workout, feel good about your coffee, and it doesn't take very long to whip out a pot's worth of coffee. In fact, it is even worth using more than once a day because it is really easy to use. This handy dandy hand grinder only costs half of what a good burr grinder will cost you at about $50. We are very happy with this purchase. 

Coffee Grinders On the Cheap

Compared to a lot of coffee grinders, $100 is an inexpensive coffee grinder. However, it isn't really a cheap coffee grinder. If you want a cheap coffee grinder there are a few that cost $30 or less that also have good reviews.

  • The Toastmaster Push Button Electric Coffee and Spice Grinder is very inexpensive and can hold 2 ounces of coffee to grind enough grinds for 8 cups of coffee. It has an easy design, a push button pulse control, and is worth it if you are just going to use it for drip coffee once a day or less.
  • The Krups Electric Coffee and Spice Grinder with Stainless Steel Blades is a little bit more expensive than the Toastmaster, but not by much. It has a 200 watt motor and can grind up to 3 ounches of beans very quickly.
  • Capresso also makes the Cool Grind Coffee Grinder that good reviews and is inexpensive. This small coffee grinder holds more than many little grinder, but has a lot of positives and most of the complaints are similar to the complaints and issues that people have with most grinders including it's mess.

Fresh ground coffee is one element toward making the best possible coffee there is. While there are some amazing, out of this world coffee grinders out there for hundreds of dollars you can still get something that works decent for less. In fact, you can get each of these grinders for less than $100 and some of them for under $20!