Finding Investments in Silver

Newly Minted Silver Coins

American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins from the U.S. Mint are 99.9% pure silver with a weight of one troy ounce. Their weight and purity is guaranteed by the U.S. Government. You will need to find a dealer to ship them to you. The value of the American Eagle coins fluctuates not only from the current price of silver, but also from the demand for the coins since they are collectible. Since you will be paying shipping costs, the cost per coin will decrease as you order more coins.

Canadian Silver Maple coins are silver bullion coins which are 1 oz in weight and minted by the Royal Canadian Mint. These coins have a face value of $5 CAN, but like the U.S. coins sell for upwards of $20 because of the silver content. Look for a reputable dealer that can sell the coins and ship them to you.

Silver Mining Companies

Silver mining companies pose an interesting investment. Silver mining companies own mineral rights land containing silver or expected to contain silver. As the price of silver increases, their stock price can also increase. Some of the major publicly held silver mining companies are BHP Billiton (Australia), Volcan Compania Minera (Peru), Rio Tinko (Australia), Penoles (Mexico), and Grupo Mexico (Mexico), Silver Wheaton Corp (SLW - U.S.), and Helca Mining Company (HL - U.S.).

Pure Silver Bars

Find pure silver bars. Engelhard and Johnson Matthey both offer a 100 oz pure silver bar. These are promoted to be .999 fine silver. The pure silver bar offers a lower cost per ounce than the coins since the manufacturing cost will be less. The downside is the purity of the silver will not be backed by the U.S. government.

Silver Coins

Vintage U.S. Silver Coins

The following U.S. coins all have silver content. These coins can also be collectible particularly if the coins are in excellent condition. If you want to purchase these coins strictly for the silver content, consider purchasing coins in poor condition with a lot of wear. The silver content for some older U.S. coins are listed below in parenthesis next to the type of coin.

1932-1964 George Washington Quarter (90%)
1916-1930 Liberty Quarter (90%)
1946-1964 Silver Roosevelt Dime (90%)
1916-1945 Mercury Dime (90%)
1964 Kennedy Half Dollar (90%)
1948-1963 Franklin Half Dollar (90%)
1916-1947 Liberty Half Dollar (90%)
1878-1921 Morgan Dollar (90%)
1921-1935 Peace Dollar (90%)
1965-1970 Silver Kennedy Half Dollar (40%)
1971-1976 Eisenhower Dollar (40%)
1942-1945 Jefferson Nickel (35%)