Many men like the idea of finding a Japanese wife or girlfriend. Japanese ladies are quite rare in Western country, and they're certainly much less numerous that Chinese women. So for most men seeking a Japanese partner, it's not surprising that they consider online dating.

Japan Cupid - Mini Review

First of all, be aware that there are plenty of poor quality fake review sites on the internet. So I'll tell you straight up that I am a Platinum member of the Japan Cupid dating site, so I have actually used it to search for Japanese women.

Japan Cupid is operated by Cupid Media. This is a legitimate Australian based company, so you'll have no worries about handing over your credit card details to take out a Gold or Platinum membership.

Having said that, not all the profiles on the site are necessarily 100% legitimate. I have got to tell you that I have dated a number of Japanese and Chinese women. There is absolutely no way that some or maybe all of them were the heights and weights they claimed to be!

Beyond this though, I don't know what other untruths there will be on the Japan Cupid site. Some of the ladies I know are genuine, because I've talked to them or I've met them through other Japanese dating forums.

One very obvious thing I am wary of is the ladies on Japan Cupid who haven't posted photographs of themselves. I don't know if they're just too shy to do so, or whether they're scammers. Yes they may be great looking girls, but come on ladies - men pretty much choose ladies exclusively on looks (especially if browsing personals websites).

Beyond this I'm not too worried about the scammers that plague the mail order bride sites that cater for men seeking Thai and Filipino brides. Japanese people tend to be more honest than most, so if you're talking to a genuine Japanese lady on Japan Cupid then it's not that likely she'll turn out to be a money scammer or a webcam girl.

That's not to say there aren't plenty of time wasters on this site. Many Japanese girls just want to find English language study buddies, which is great if you're also learning Japanese, but not so good if you want a Japanese wife.

If you want a Japanese wife then another hazard are the ladies looking for Western lovers or sugar daddies. Usually these are the girls below the age of 30. Often they're easily recognizable because they post lots of photos of themselves looking cute and fashionable.

Good English speaking ladies are also to be regarded with suspicion if the Japanese forum posts are to be believed. I've dated Japanese ladies who speak good English, and usually it's because they've learnt English through working for an American company. These ladies were great, and would have made good wives. It's best to be wary of the very beautiful English speakers though - they could have dubious pasts.

I must admit I was pretty disappointed by my success on this dating site. I didn't think Japanese ladies were particularly interested in me. Maybe it's because I'm not super rich or an American guy, who knows. Another problem I have is that I don't live in Japan - it's rare to find Japanese ladies who are interested in living overseas.

So Japan Cupid is worth a look if you're interested in finding a Japanese wife. Bear in mind however that it's not going to be particularly easy to find a Japanese partner - it's hard enough for Japanese people to find partners, so being a gaijin is an extra level of complexity. If you want to go down the mail order brides route then Chinese women are a better choice. Actually there are some fantastic women on Chinese Love Links, so a Chinese woman is not second best to a Japanese lady these days.