People who have been convicted of a crime could find it hard to get jobs after being released from prison. A lot of companies do not accept people who have an illegal record due to the different complications. This is unfair and stressful for people looking to have a second chance in life. That is why a government agency has been established to help search jobs for people with felonies. This is a great help for released convicts who want to have a job without being discriminated.

The government can help former felons to make the transition period more comfortable and productive. It is very hard for released convicts to adjust to a new life outside of prison. The problems and guilt they are carrying could lead to a lot of negative things if they are not given assistance.

Government owned companies offer jobs for people with felonies. A wide array of work can be given to former inmates. The companies also provide an assistance program which allows the prisoners to receive the legal, financial and emotional support they need. Some companies would even offer temporary lodging and living spaces for former prisoners who have no close relatives and family members outside. It could be hard to find an affordable house for former inmates who have no job and source of income. They could be forced to live on the streets and depressed areas. This could contribute to the inmate's regression which could lead them back to old habits that landed them in prison and jail.

The government institution in charge of handling prisons and jails offer programs that would help the inmates get jobs for people with felonies after their release. This includes short courses and learning programs that could teach prisoners basic knowledge on computers, office work, manufacturing and business. They are given the chance to learn so that they can have a better life after fulfilling their prison time. They are presented with a certificate as a proof of participation in the different programs. The courses have helped millions of released inmates acquire a reputable job. It allowed them to have a more respectable living condition. They can forget the past and have a brighter future.