It's a fun adventure to actually go to Mexico and hand pick your home décor. A very popular spot to find handmade pieces is in Tonala, Mexico.

Tonala is located just minutes away from the metropolis of Guadalajara.

This town is well known throughout Mexico as a hub for shoppers and a few department store buyers seeking to pick up skillfully crafted Mexican decor. You will find pieces such as blown glass, silver, tin art, paper mache, rustic furniture and many more handcrafted items.

The skilled artisans of Tonala are masters of their trade and much of their work is highly sought after due to the fine quality of work.

So what is it like to browse through the streets of Tonala? One interesting thing that you'll find fascinating is that while all the shops are open and inviting they are not necessarily bustling with business.

Why? Many of the craftsmen of Tonala will send their finished products off to another nearby town called Tlaquepaque which is where the majority of tourists actually head to do their shopping. Tlaquepaque is indeed a very touristy spot, while Tonala is where many residents of the greater Guadalajara area go to do their shopping to find the best deals.

In general, Tlaquepaque is where many showrooms and boutiques are and Tonala is where all the goods are mostly made!

The benefit of knowing where to go can really save you some money, especially if you are loading up on a lot of home décor items.

Keep this in mind when you head down to the Guadalajara area.

Another point to keep in mind is while there are some great deals in Tonala, do not be surprised if the items are not completely perfect. Many of the products are handcrafted and there are sometimes minor but very unnoticeable flaws in pieces.

Remember that it is also very unlikely that two pieces will be exactly alike. This is very much the case for hand painted items. You will notice that most of the Talavera style pottery will all look slightly different; many colors and designs will vary no matter how close the artist tries to make the pieces alike.

This is a very positive feature because you really know that each piece is one of a kind. Do you want to own unique Mexican decor and artwork? Sure you do.