Building an online income for yourself can like walking up a mountain that never seems to end. You keep putting in the work and you are not achieving the large goal that you have set for yourself when you began the journey. This does not mean that are failing. It just means that you have farther to travel.


The problem usually occurs that many people lose the motivation to push on with their journey of building an online income. They do not see the large reward in front of them now and decide to give up. Do not let this happen to you. Use these motivational strategies to keep you on the path to your dreams!


Staying on TrackBuilding an Online Income


Step One


You need to do some goal planning when it comes to what you are doing and what you want to be earning. Yes, you are probably already have an end goal in mind of making a certain amount a month. This is a great place to start. Now it is time to break that up into smaller steps.


Step Two


Determine what you need to do now to get your main goal. If you want to make thousands of dollars a month then you first need to earn your first dollar online. From there, you can look at making $10 a month and so on. The key is to take your larger goal and break it down into smaller goals that will get you to the bigger on.


The reason this works for motivation is that you begin to feel that you are actually accomplishing something. Every smaller goal that you can check off and celebrate is something that you have accomplished. This can give you that extra push to start working towards the next goal.


Celebrate Online Income Goals


Now that you have yourself achieving your online income goals more often, it is time to celebrate. You have worked hard even for the smallest accomplishment. You need to acknowledge that.


If you have ever worked in an office setting where no matter how hard you worked, you were not acknowledged then you know how much that can take away any motivation that you might have to work harder. This is the same concept with giving yourself time to celebrate.


You so not want to go overboard with the celebrating. You will still have some work to do to get to your big goals. However, a small treat or celebrating should be included in your plans.




Another great way to help to keep you motivated for building an online income is that you can create an image of what you are truly working for. This can be done in your mind or even better is to create a physical picture for you to look at.


Creating a goal board for yourself can be a very fun and rewarding task. You can collect pictures from magazines and online that show what you would get or be doing if you achieved your goal. Perhaps you have a particular car that you want to purchase when you achieve your goals. Get a picture and put it on your board.


Once you have created your goal board, you want to hang it somewhere you will see it often. This is to be a reminder every day what you are working for. This can be very motivating.


It is up to you to push yourself when it comes to building an online income. There is no boss standing behind you making sure that you do work every day. You need to use these motivation techniques to keep you hard at work so that you can achieve all of your dreams.


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Credit: by Sean MacEntee