It's true, on November 25th, 2015, Finding Dory will be released into theatres. In 2003, the Oscar winning film splashed into the hearts of millions with the adventure of young Nemo; a young clown fish who was captured and transported half way around the world. His father, Marlin, endured an epic journey coming across sharks, jellyfish, Sea Turtles and above all, an absent minded blue tang fish named Dory.

Many can agree that while Dory was not the main character throughout the film, she was atop everyone's favorite. Ellen Degeneres, the voice of Dory, has announced that she will continue the happy-go-lucky tang that has a difficult time remembering the time of day. Degeneres mentioned the film on her Television show, and it has been almost too much excitement for her to keep in. Ellen mentions how excited she is for the film and back at work for this exciting sequel.

The director, Andrew Stanton, has also returned to surf the seas of Finding Dory. The script is promised to be as upbeat and comical as the first. For those who remember the first film, or frequently watch to this day will remember, Dory was aimlessly adrift in the ocean while Marlin was on a frantic search for his son. Their unforgettable friendship has lasted for ages, but why was Dory alone in the first place? Where was she going? The sequel hopes to fill in the gaps for the viewers and Dory alike, as she travels home to her family.

Pixar has announced that some of the original characters will return to the sequel, while adding a few new ones as well. Some of these new characters claim to be very important to Dory as they travel up and down the California coastline encountering an assortment of new friends and foes along the way. Everyone can hope that there are more Tang fish that are equally skilled in the impression department, but ultimately, as a viewer, seeing Dory reunite with her family would be a respectable sequel to the first (as long as there is not another one).