If we want to live a healthier happy life and keep up to date with our bills then we need to find new ways on how to be frugal at home and save money at the same time.


Change the way you cook

No one said it would be easy although there are many ways we can save on electricity or gas while cooking meals. Start out by changing the way you cook.


In the above picture you can see I have cooked a quiche, scones, shepherds pie and a bread and butter pudding on the bottom of the oven.

Never turn your oven on just to heat a couple of bought pies. You need to prepare food before hand and cook using all oven shelves at the same time, yes even the bottom of your oven. When you cook a meal, make double quantity. Eat one freeze one.

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Save more Money by thinking Frugal

Reduce food waste

The night before you go shopping, check what is in your crisper.  Avoid doubling up.  We all tend to forget what is in the bottom of our fridge.  Empty your crisper and make a nice vegetable soup or stew using all vegetables. If there is not enough add some pasta or rice and your spices.  Have a plain meal one night then add curry to it for the next night. That way it looks and tastes different, or you could add dumplings. You can still be frugal and eat healthy.

Shopping for specials

Buying things on special is a waste of money unless you need it and will blow your budget.  Double up on tinned food, soaps, toothpaste and necessities when on special.  Shop around and keep an eye on the expiry dates.  Always check what you have in pantry before shopping.

Save on Electricity

We all know how to turn lights on so why don't we turn them off when leaving a room. Your electric jug, microwave, sewing machine and heaps of other items do not need to be turned on day in and day out. You will save money by turning them off when finished with or before you go to bed.
Solar panels and Solar hot water systems will save you heaps. Old electric hot water systems are expensive to run.  Do you need your air conditioner left on all day while out in the garden or at work.

Crock pot or Pressure cooker

Crock pots, slow cookers or Rice cookers are great.  They also take up a lot of room. Pressure cookers cook good meals in ten minutes.  And do everything the others do.

I have a Bellini Electric Pressure cooker.  I cook rice, soups and stews in ten minutes and if you are not ready to serve it will keep it warm.

 Think about it, a crock pot is great  because you put it on before going to work and is cooked when you come home. And it is using power all day.  If you use a pressure cooker it will take five minutes to prepare and ten minutes to cook.  You do the maths.  Recpies you can cook in an electric Pressure Cooker

You can also cook roasts, risotto and even sweets; like Glace pear with red wine or Dumplings with Golden syrup . What more could you want and you save room with cupboard storage.

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What could be better than walking onto your balcony and picking your fresh herbs and salads. You will know they are fresh and free from chemicals too.

Growing your own Vegetables

If we grow our own vegetables we will at least know that they are fresh and free from all chemicals. Another bonus is that we know where they were grown and not refrigerated for a year like some of our fruit before we get to eat them.

It feels great to walk out your back door to pick and eat them fresh and they even tastes better. If you have a small yard you can still garden in small pots.

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Cleaning without chemicals

Everyone knows that chemicals are harmful yet we still use them to clean our homes.  Have you ever used Domestos to clean your shower tiles and wondered why you felt horrible.  The fumes just about kill me on their own.  I cannot use this product at all.

The following few will give you an idea of their dangers:

  • Bleach- This is potentially fatal if ingested.  Have you ever tipped the waste water with bleach on your garden and wondered why it died.
  • Ammonia - This could be Fatal if swallowed
  • Ammonium -  This is Corrosive
  • Chlorine - This is the number one chemical responsible for poisoning children

All you really need is Lemon juice, bi-carbonate of soda and vinegar.

Cleaning the shower- Vinegar

Five minutes before showering Spray the glass walls especially the corners with vinegar. Use a spray bottle filled with full strength vinegar.  Shower then wipe glass down with a glass window no streak washer.  This is also great for removing mould.

Removing rust stains from bath and sinks-Bicarb

Sprinkle bi-carb onto the stains and rub gently.  This works the same way as any jif creme or powder, and cost far less.

Clothing stains -Lemon and other uses

Use lemon juice to remove stains out of clothes. For stubborn stains add a little bit of salt.

There are literally hundreds of uses around the home for these three products that will save your health and your pocket if you checkout the benefits of using them.  A little bit of practice and experimenting with these will surprise you how good they are.

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