pen It's fantastic to be able to make an income from Niche Marketing sites on the internet. But how can we ensure that we are driving the right sort of traffic to our sites and in the right quantity to produce good sales figures?

Some of that is down to the product or service that we are selling. However, one of the most important aspects of Niche Marketing or Article Marketing is Finding Niche Keywords .

For the purposes of building web sites or submitting posts or articles a keyword can be defined as follows:

"An index term, subject term, subject heading, or descriptor, in information retrieval, is a term that captures the essence of the topic of a document".

So it is essential that anything that we submit to the web is referenced by effective keywords.

When creating a site in a Niche Market it is of paramount importance that the keywords chosen to reference that site are relevant and likely to generate a reasonable amount of traffic to the site.

So how do we go about finding niche keywords that are effective?

First we need to do a little research on Google. We could use any internet search engine, but as Google is far and away the most popular and most commonly used, it makes sense to concentrate solely on that for now.

When we have an idea of what Niche Market we are aiming for we can use the Google Keyword Tool to research suitable keywords. It's a good idea to use your main keyword for the title of your site if you can.

In order to potentially generate reasonable amounts of traffic to our Niche site we are looking for keywords with an exact match of at least 1000 in Monthly Global Searches.

We also need to consider the level of competition for our chosen keywords as we want them to rank well on Google. There's no point in having a great keyword if you only rank on page 60 of Google as nobody will ever find it. We really need to aim to get on Page 1!

To do this we will need to get what is called a long-tail keyword. This is a keyword that is more descriptive of the product we are referencing and will therefore be more likely to rank well as it will be less submerged in the competition.

A good way to create long-tail keywords is to write a short sentence or two describing our product and take some phrases from out of that. It's always handy to have a thesaurus to hand as well to find synonyms for the words we are using in order to give us some alternatives.

I'll be writing more articles on what the best keywords are soon so please keep checking back.