Let me tell you one thing about me - I love obscure movies! Whether they're "B-movies", horror flicks, art films, cult classics, exploitation, you name it and I probably like it. The feeling of discovery when you happen to stumble on a cool little obscure cult movie that you had never even heard of before really can't be described - It's a euphoric feeling. Of course, the problem with obscure movies is that they can be pretty hard to find information on, if you're lucky enough to even know about some of the more forgotten ones.

This is why sites like the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) and Wikipedia are so great - they spread knowledge about these films that maybe would have been lost and forgotten forever. They are excellent internet resources to learn about your favorite movies, directors, writers, actors and actresses. But the one problem is that it's almost impossible to learn about new films that you've never even heard of. The aspect of discovery just isn't there like it is when you're browsing around the video rental store looking at all of the box art to movies that are completely new to your eyes. They're right there in front of you advertising themselves, hoping that there's something about them that will pique your interest enough to decide to pick them up and check them out. This is the experience that is lost with large database sites where you can't just go and check out the racks and find some awesome obscure movie sitting there like a buried treasure. But there are some sites that are perfect for this purpose.

If you can find a site that specializes in reviews of rare cult films and obscure movies, you'll be opening yourself up to a wealth of information and possible new experiences. These sites are centered around word of mouth, passing along their knowledge to people like you and ensuring that these obscure movies continue to find an audience. By simply reading reviews by experts on movies you can find some great ideas for movies to watch, buy, and enjoy that you probably would have never been aware of otherwise. This is what makes reviews and community driven websites so useful to the world - the sharing of knowledge between like-minded people. So if you are at all interested in movies that might be considered "obscure", take a little time out of your day to search for a site devoted to rare cult films or obscure movies. You won't regret it!

This article was written by the author of Obscure Movies, a site dedicated to preserving the history of forgotten cult films.