Better for you or not, going organic can be expensive. Many people also have trouble finding organic food coupons to help make these purchases cheaper for them. Organic food coupons are out there, you just have to know where to look. When you use these coupons, organic groceries are often comparable in price to what you spend on non-organic groceries.


The first thing you should do if you want to find organic food coupons is check your local Sunday paper. While it is true that the paper will always have more non-organic coupons, there are typically some organic food coupons in there as well.

Coupon Websites

Certain websites, such as or, reset their printable coupons every month. There are always several pages worth, and there are usually some organic food coupons you can print off, too. Sometimes you can even print them off more than once before they reset, which is great if it's an item you buy almost every week. You might also want to consider signing up with Mambo Sprouts. They have printable coupons on their website that reset each month, and they are all for organic, all-natural foods.

Manufacturer Websites

If there is a particular organic brand or brands that you really like, you can check their website directly for coupons to print. Many companies offer printable coupons if you visit their main site, although some do have a limit on how many times a certain IP address can print them off. Organic coupons from manufacturer websites might reset monthly so you can keep going back to print more. Most of these companies also let you subscribe via email. This is beneficial because they can then alert you to various promotions and let you know when new coupons are up.


There are occasionally organic food coupons right on the package! This is true of non-organic foods, too. Check everything you buy carefully before you throw away the packaging so you don't accidentally toss out a valuable coupon you might be able to use later.

Grocery Store Promotions

Some grocery stores, particularly all-natural ones like Whole Foods and Earthfare, frequently put out their own organic food coupons. You can often either print these off from their website, or pick up a free booklet containing the coupons in-store. The only catch is that the coupons are redeemable only at that specific store.


There are a few magazines dedicated to eco-friendly living, such as Kiwi or Mary Jane's Farm, that might occasionally display advertisements for organic foods that have coupons attached. Subscribing to these magazines might help you with gathering lots of organic coupons.

Buy Them

You can also go to Ebay or other sites where people sell coupons and search specifically for the ones you need. It is possible that you could find someone selling 10 to 15 coupons for a certain item you buy all the time. Normally, you wouldn't have to pay very much for these coupons and shipping would be incredibly cheap.