Finding Paid Work in Thailand Whilst on Holiday or Travelling

Whether it's your first time travelling to Thailand or you're a veteran to it's shores who dreams of one day being able to retire in comfort to the land of smiles, finding paid work in Thailand can be difficult for non-Thais.

One of only a few relatively easy paths to gaining paid employment in Thailand for the 'Farang' or foreigner is through becoming an English teacher. As long as you have a degree and a TEFL (Teaching English as a second language) certificate you should not find it difficult to obtain some kind of employment within Thailand's schools, colleges and Universities. A quick search of the internet using such terms as 'Teach English in Thailand' should set you on the right path with various organisations and websites posting vacancies for those qualified to take up residency.

For those without a degree and TEFL certificate finding work in Thailand can seem near impossible, because it is. But there are a few options open to those who'll do whatever it takes to make their dream a reality.

The position of scuba diving instructor is another possible career option to those seeking work in Thailand with the relevant skills in scuba. But even if you have no scuba diving experience what-so-ever many of the big dive centers in areas such as Pattaya and Phuket offer courses where PADI certificates can be obtained with the promise of paid employment following course completion for those make the grade.

Another option for those with enthusiasm and the ability to approach and mix well with strangers is the area of promotion. In the main tourist areas where holiday makers and travelers arrive in their thousands local businesses compete aggressively to separate them from their cash in exchange for experiences and adventure. Whilst technically not legal approaching tour operators/jet ski operators/etc. in a friendly manner and offering to drum up some extra business for them in exchange for a little commission will most likely be met with agreement. Especially around areas such as 'Khao San Road' where competition is fiercest and backpackers in search of adventure are plentiful.

And my own personal favorite means of earning a living whilst travelling and working in Thailand is the 'job' of freelance travel writer / blogger. By sharing your adventures through online blogs, articles, websites and videos posted on YouTube money can be earned via the Google Adsense ad network, eBay and Amazon affiliate programs, plus all manner of alternative affiliate programs and ad networks. This option takes the most forward planning and effort but with a little hard work can prove to be by far the most profitable of all with large corporations and small businesses alike competing to pay you to place their adverts and products before the eyes of visitors to your content.