Pink earrings are a little difficult to come across in the gemstone world. If you do find a pink diamond it will be very expensive, even more expensive than a traditional white diamond. Just because pink is very popular in the fashion world doesn't mean that Mother Nature follows suit.

Go with pearls. Pink pearls are subtle and delicate. This is one of the birthstones for June. Pearls are a classic wedding or graduation gift. You might want to really branch out and give a classic gift that still has a subtle flair to it. Pearls are often passed down from generation to generation so it can represent your entire family. These are jewelry pieces that can be worn for special occasions or just paired with jeans and a T-shirt.

Another option for pink earrings is to go with rose gold. This is a copper color that is a lot softer and more delicate looking than a classic yellow gold tone. This is a way to really make a mark with a simple hoop earring or a small stud. This way you won't have to spend a lot of money. You'll still get a versatile piece that you can wear everyday. It might even become your signature piece. Just make sure that whatever piece you buy can also relate back to the pieces that you wear everyday. This also includes your engagement ring. You might want to find a two tone earring that will incorporate your favorite colors or metal so that you can get a lot of different uses and looks by just adding a few pieces. This gives your jewelry wardrobe versatility.

Pink diamonds are expensive. You can find a lot of cz's that will mimic a very bright hot pink diamond. It would cost thousands of dollars to actually track down a pair of earrings, if not millions of dollars in this kind of gem and color. As such, you'll need to go with a treated gemstone or a less expensive semi precious gemstone. Kunzite and Morganite are pink gemstones that are very subtle and feminine. Another option is to go with a less expensive pink Topaz. You can even find this gem set in sterling silver to save money.

You can still have pink earrings even if you can't find a pink gemstone. The key is to go with a pink setting. Enamel has been a trendy fashion accessory and you can find it in costume or fine jewelry. Plus, it's popular enough that you'll be able to find enamel with your favorite metals and gemstones. It's a fun look and also has a high end feel at the same time. You can find a set with amethyst and sterling silver for a daytime feminine look that it still has a lot of power to it.

Another option for pink earrings set with natural gemstones is to go with a pink tourmaline. This is a raspberry colored stone that is almost a mix of purple and pink. You might even be able to find some amethyst gemstones that have pink tones to them. You really have to know exactly what to look for and what you want to in order to get a genuine pair of pink earrings set in natural gemstones.