Adorning even the most infrequently worn United States' military uniforms can be found at least some variation of a military patch. Whether subdued, or significantly detailed with an elaborate design and meticulous coloring, the type of patch a serviceman, or woman, may wear is very much dependent upon the situation by which they wear their own given uniform. Regardless of the specific service branch of one's steadfast affiliation, certain circumstances require the wear and the use of one of a multitude of uniform options, as well as, the integration of a variety of patches.


While the harsh environmental realities of our nation's modern combat theatres may call for a more durable uniform, the presence of a plethora of uniform options that our U.S. military have at their disposal have come to reflect the many unique and diverse environments that a service member may be asked to fully assimilate into. Whether their uniform be used to help combat the intense rigors of modern warfare, or to serve a more celebratory purpose, service men, and women, can rest assured that their uniforms are constructed with utmost care and consideration to specific functionality.


Upon their return home from a lengthy combat deployment, or when in the presence of a fallen comrade or astute political leader, a service member may be asked to wear their highly decorated dress uniform. While the coloring, and basic features of this uniform may vary dependent upon one's own service branch, the basic functionality of it is to serve a more professional look, in place of combat fatigues that have been worn and torn by the intense demands of warfare. When viewed up close, or even at a distance, this uniform has the inherent ability to serve as a massive canvas of appealing decorations and coloring: a complete embodiment, and reflection, of one's own personal military experiences and accomplishments.


Beyond a highly pleasing aesthetic appeal, military patches have served a valuable purpose since the original organization of our very first national militia. The prideful legacies, and even the unfortunate shortcomings, of military units, are displayed in great detail in the design of these patches for the military uniform. The difference between combat success, and failure, is entailed in these designs, as well, and, regardless of the outcome of previous conflicts, they are all worn with utmost pride and consideration to this day. To be the bearer of a patch on one's right shoulder means that they have been through some sort of deployment to an officially recognized combat theatre of operation.


To an everyday civilian, or lay observer, a military patch may just be that. It may not have any significant personal meaning to someone who has never adorned a military uniform, although, some families may have had those very uniforms, awards, and patches, encased for any guest to observe. This display, whether hung on a wall, or a placed on a fireplace mantle, gives the perfect opportunity for others to pay tribute to those who have served their country proudly in past conflicts.


Besides the very hardened warrior who wears it, a military dress uniform would be nothing without the specific ornamentations, ribbons, devices, and patches that synthesize wonderfully in order to fully embody a sacred military tradition. Through the careful wear of this uniform, servicemen and women are paying intense homage to a time-honored tradition that has been valiantly secured through the bloodshed of those who came before.


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