Are you looking for more information on solar panels for sale? The growth of solar power use has spiraled since the turn of the millennium. As the world constantly chases the latest energy-saving products, demand has soared for these panels. Nevertheless, the credit crunch has taken its effect as with all industries and consumers purchasing solar panels have fallen between twenty to thirty percent in 2009.

The typical consumer has two choices when seeking to install solar panels for their home. These two choices are new or used solar panels. The cost for new solar panels is still fairly high, and it takes some amount of time before the initial cost is recouped.

New panels are still a higher-end market product, with such solar panel systems often costing quite a bit to keep a home completely off the grid. Of course, far more affordable options are available for the smaller minded energy-savers. Those still wanting to get into the solar energy game could purchase a solar energy kit for a decent price on Ebay.

Although the systems can save us a significant amount of money in energy bills every year you may not have enough to get started. So how is it possible to get involved with the green energy movement if these newer panels are cost prohibitive? The answer is used solar power panels for sale. One of the main allowances for choosing second-hand panels is the acceptance that space needs to provided. Inevitably the more modern solar panels aim to pack as many watts they can into the smallest space they can.

However, if you are willing to accept a larger panel to get a similar amount of watts then you could save the money instead. Panels tend to last a long time. Over twenty years, they should only lose around 2-3 watts in production. Therefore this is clearly a sound investment in your energy system. There are a couple of other things to be aware of when delving into the second-hand solar market. For one thing, you need to ensure that the bypass diodes are not burned out.

If they are indeed burned out, you could end up spending a fair amount on restoring them that would overrun the benefit of simply purchasing a new panel in the first instance. In addition to burned out diodes, be careful of loose connections between cells. It can often take a long time to identify these connections, which are nevertheless fixable with special silver soldering. Note that the employment of an electrician to install your solar panel is unnecessary, because the panels can generally be applied using simple DIY techniques.

Whether looking for used solar panels for sale or new ones, it is important to consider the number one factor in solar energy - cost. Solar panels can take many years to pay back the original price. In order to assist you with the price tag of your panels, grants are available from the government. Certain programs will offer tax credits or other incentives towards systems that can make the systems cost effective.

Overall, solar energy is a choice that can save you a lot of money and also do wonders for helping out the environment.