Single moms might often give up their dreams of home ownership or higher education because they don't know how to afford it all. State financial assistance tailored for single moms can help quite a bit. Since your particular state has its own programs, this information will be a bit vague - but it will definitely give you an idea of where to begin.

Department of Human Services. Some states have programs for single mothers that are handled by the Department of Human Services, and they cover almost everything, from insurance for single mothers and their children to help with food. Some states have programs that offer cars for those who need them, assistance in finding clothing for job interviews, and other things you might not have considered.

Career Centers. Need help finding a job? Career centers can help you do just that. They can also help you locate affordable daycare for your children while you are out trying to get a foothold in the workforce. Career centers can lead you to training you might not have considered before.

Your State Website. You can usually find the information you need for state assistance by going to your state's website. Each state has a dedicated website that features all the information you need to get started in finding state assistance. Sometimes the site will direct you to a local department where you can find further information, but you can almost always get the process started online.

State Colleges or Universities. Many colleges and universities will offer incentives to "non-traditional" students, such as single moms or those who are over a certain age bracket. Some grant programs reward students for staying within their state and there are even programs that reward those who look into online schooling. Check with your university of choice for further information on how you can find state assistance as a single mom.

State Housing Programs. Finally, many states have housing set up just for single mothers who are struggling financially. They might also have programs for free or low-cost housing and many states work closely with large private organizations like Habitat for Humanity or Ameridream.

State Assistance For Single Moms depends a great deal on the state you reside in. Contacting your local government will lead you to many state-sponsored programs that are unique to your area. If you need them, take advantage of those programs! You will be doing yourself a favor by making life easier.