If you want to build a successful multilevel marketing business there are some basic things you need to know and if you apply them the results can be fantastic. There are millions of dollars changing hands in this field every year and some of it might as well go through your hands. The economy is in a shambles and may get worse before it gets better, if it ever does, so everyone is looking for ways to make an extra income. MLM can be the vehicle to the life of your dreams but you need to understand some truths.

The first truth is that network marketing is a game of numbers. In this game you will face more rejection than you ever have before. The reality is most people you talk to will not be able to see the potential in network marketing or they really won't want to do the work required to be successful. Because of these two reasons you are going to have a lot of people say no when you approach them. If you can't handle people not believing what you say, you might as well quit now and go to work at McDonald's. The majority of people will always try to throw water on the dreams of those with vision. Don't buy into their negativity.

Multilevel marketing is a game of numbers just like in sales. You will have to talk to some average number of prospects who say no before you get one to say yes. Salesmen have operated under this assumption for years and it really does help you to stay positive. The number might be 1 in 4 or it might be 1 in 10, at this point it doesn't matter. You just have to remember that for every mlm lead that says no you are one step closer to finding the one who will sign up with your organization.

The best sales people have always known this reality. When they hear no they just realize it is another rejection they have go out of the way today and they are one step closer to the yes. Every rejection gets you one step closer to a new down line member because this is nothing but a numbers game. Good network marketing training guides will tell you if you talk to the right number of qualified prospects you will get a new member.

The second truth to remember is success in MLM comes from the organization you build. If you want to build a multi-million dollars business you can only do it by creating an organization under you that can multiply your efforts. Nobody ever made any real money selling anything door to door. The only way the network marketing pros make any money is by doing the foot work necessary to get business builders into their down line. With all the potential in this business you must remember it is not a get rich quick scheme. If you or the people in your organization think you can sit around watching TV hoping to get rich and it will happen, then you might as well buy a lottery ticket instead. Like any profitable business a lucrative network marketing business takes effort and work but it can offer great reward if you do the work.

I have found the biggest problem people have with operating their own business is they quit too early. They are all excited at first but then they have a few set backs and it is time to throw in the towel and quit. You need to understand now that every business has set backs and you just have to work through them. I wonder how many quitters would have found success if they just would have stayed with the business a few more months. It takes determination and fortitude to win at this game but if you do the foot work and keep moving forward you will find success.