Taxpayers needing tax return information from another year may obtain it from the IRS. Below are nine informational ideas for obtaining previously filed tax returns.

You may retrieve copies of the federal returns at no charge on the internet, on the phone or a request by mail.

There is no fee for reproductions of federal tax returns for this year as well as the prior three years.

The past tax return forms will display most line items as they were filed originally, along with all forms filed. Any changes made to the return at a later date are not included.

If you order a tax account transcript, this is slightly different. It will display later adjustments made by you or the IRS, after the original return was filed. This copy shows marriage status, the type of return and all income.

The form to be requested from the IRS for a 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ transcript is an IRS Form 4506T-EZ Form. This is a free form for an individual transcript.

If you are in a business, partnership or you are an individual requesting duplicate information from other forms or are requesting transcripts from other forms, or if you need an account transcript, you must order Form 4506T.

The form will arrive in approximately five to ten days if your request is by telephone. However, it may take up to 30 days to receive the tax account transcript when ordering these forms, 4506T orF 4506T-EZ by mail.

A duplicate copy of a former tax return is obtainable for a charge of $57 for each one you order. There is a form to be completed in order to receive this tax return. The Form 4506 is the one to ask for. When the form is complete it should be sent to the IRS address in your area. This is listed on the form. Inquiries concerning tax returns for the current year or the past six years are available. The actual copies of the return will take up to sixty days for you to receive.

To obtain information on the internet go to for a list of forms. If you prefer to call the IRS, the number is 800-TAX-FORM, or 800-829-3676. This number is only for ordering tax forms and publications.