How to find the best racquet that suits your style

Finding the racquet that suits your style is important for you. By using equipment that not only suits your style but is especially designed to match up your skill level undeniably maximizes enjoyment of game. With the growing craze of Tennis, racquets have been better than ever, moreover they are sophisticated and complex than ever. Tennis racquets at present are a mishmash of high tech materials and engineering, let’s say it a Rocket Science. Factually!

Do you need help in selecting the best racquet for your sport? Read on and let us break down the underlying ground rules of racquet performance for you. Potential tennis racquet shoppers ought to consider several important criteria before making a final selection. Some of these important criteria are:

  • Racquet weight
  • Racquet length
  • Brand
  • Head size
  • Grip size
  • Lastly the balance.

At a very elementary level, almost every racquet design tends to find an ideal poise of playing characteristics for its target market. Design compromises are consciously made in control VS power, feel VS comfort and light weight VS maneuverability. Each time a new racquet is designed by altering and adjusting these characteristics. These adjustments are done by altering the size and shape of the racquet head, balance, thickness and frame materials. Here’s how these factors affect overall game performance.

  • Let’s start by discussing the head size, well to increase power and spin you must go for a larger head size. This size also helps you in hitting an ideal shot what we call “sweet spot”. Whereas if you want to swing and move aggressively without hitting the ball out of the court, opt for smaller head sizes.
  • Length of the racquet also plays a vital role to enhance your sport. Length of an ideal racquet is 27 inches, long racquets are for less agile players that provide more speed and more spin capability with power. However if you are a control oriented player go for a racquet with shorter range, they are good for intermediate and advanced players. The shorter the length, the more control you get.
  • Another important factor is weight, since it affects the stability, maneuverability and power of the racquet. Heavy racquets have a stable affect when hitting back opponent’s powerful shots thus they have greater power potential. Advanced players prefer racquets heavier than average. Whereas lighter ones are usually preferred by intermediate and beginners, since they are easy to handle and help to preserve energy for further matches. To conserve power and compensate stability beginners are more likely to prefer super light racquets that are found in the largest head sizes.

These were some of the aspects to keep in mind. Stick to the tips and grab the best for your sport.