Nurses are some of the hardest working professionals and definitely some of the hardest workers in the hospital.  Even though doctors can regularly put in long 24-30 hour work days nurses are almost always on the feet for long shifts too.  Not only are they working hard and on their feet all day long but they often have lots of dirty work to do as they are often the ones to clean up after procedures.  No doubt the shoes nurses wear play a role in the way they handle their jobs.  Nurses have to have the best nursing shoes money can buy to stay comfortable and sanitary while on the job.

Most Comfortable Shoes For NursingThe most comfortable nursing shoes tend to be shoes which are made of soft leather.  Usually white leather nursing shoes are the norm because they make it easy to see when they need to be cleaned and the leather makes it easy to clean.  The leather however needs to be soft as a firmer leather shoe tends to be more abrasive on feet and ankles over the course of a day.

Just like a good pair of athletic shoe is rarely made of leather the most comfortable nursing shoes are often made with the least amount of leather possible.  Many pairs of nursing shoes are designed like clogs where the top of the shoe is a heavily padded leather strap which covers the foot without laces.  This makes it so that taking the shoe on and off is easy and so that the leather sides rub less against the ankles making the shoe better for all day wear. Many good white nursing shoes are designed this way.

Women’s leather nursing shoes are usually designed to feel more like a walking or running shoe on the sole.  Even though leather is less frequently used in athletic shoes comfortable nursing shoes are almost always made with the sole and inserts that one might find in a good pair of walking shoe.  Because nurses are on their feet so much this is important because a shoe without adequate support can slowly cause an ankle, arch, or ball fo the foot to get sore.  The better the support and insert is then the less this is a problem for nurses.

Of course some alternative types of nursing shoes are not very much like walking shoes at all.  Many of the nursing clogs made by some of the most respected nursing shoe manufacturers are designed to be simply easy to wear, remove, and put on.  Strapless nursing shoes may not be the most comfortable shoe if you are going to be doing a lot of walking but as many nurses do sit behind a desk a lot these can be good alternative shoes for very specific needs.  The most comfortable shoe for nursing will obviously depend a bit on the type of nursing job you have and how your feet are shaped.