Are you an Internet Marketer who is fed up with spending hours and hours trying to find a domain name which is available. Well, why not start searching for domain names the easy and quick way using the fantastic free web tool that they have over at I have only just found this tool myself and I am really impressed by it, it is going to dramatically speed up the process of finding domain names which haven't been registered.

Let's quickly tell you how the tool works, all you do is type in the name that you want to call your new domain. For example if you type into the search box, within seconds it will tell you if the .com .net or .org domain names are available. These three domain extensions are the default settings, but you can quickly change these using the My Preferred Extensions in the box at the right hand side of the webpage.

Having just messed around with the tool for a few minutes, I have found three fantastic domain names that still haven't been registered. These domain names are. or .org

The images below show you that all these domains were available at the time of writing this article.

Having keywords in the domain name will give you an head start when trying to rank for the keyword. These three domains have fantastic keywords and having just taken a quick look at the monthly searches these keywords get using the fantastic micro niche finder keyword tool. You could quickly and easily build yourself a money making blog and website within hours using these domain names. I'd snap them up myself, but I've already got too many domains as it is. Low carb products get 1600 monthly searches, low carb cookbook gets 2,400 monthly searches and low carb breakfast gets a whopping 4,400 monthly searches.

Low carb dieting is a massive niche with lots of people desperate for info and products. So these are domain names that you can almost instantly start making cash from.

This is how I would go about making cash from these domain names. I would buy the domain then I would create one 500 to 750 word article for the keyword in the domain title. This would be my homepage, I would then create 4 other keyword related 500 word pages. Then I would quickly create a About, Contact, Privacy and Sitemap page. Then I would search for appropriate affiliate products that I could market on the website and I would also monetize the website with adsense once all the pages have been completed and the website has been in the search engines for a few weeks. I would then build backlinks to the website using article directories, blog commenting and social bookmarking.

I found these domain names in just a few minutes with Domain Lazy what a fantastic and simple yet time saving web tool. Time is an Internet Marketer's most precious commodity so everything that can be done to save time should be applied to your web business.

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